Cool Tech Wander Project

People are living life through digital devices; it is an interesting problem. Not that it isn’t one that was predicted many years ago by some analysts. The rise of the camera’s on cellular phones, and tablets changed not only the what, but also the how and when of digital pictures.

Still, if you were wandering around with an iPad or Android Tablet in front of your face instead of experiencing live what is happening and then pulling out the camera on occasion to snap memories, we need to talk.

I watched a family the other day near the Washington Monument, they were walking, talking and all staring at their cellular phones. They walked into the four people I was standing near at the intersection. If they hadn’t hit us, they would have been in the street.

It was the passing of my father, that launched our family history project. In part to capture all the many slides dad had taken, to share those images, but also to capture, scan and place into digital safekeeping all the memories our family has created over the years. In the end 148,000 or so digital pictures and 200 hours of video footage. I attempt to take a lot of digital pictures of family events and such like that there, but still, I do not spend the entire event with the camera in front of me. 

Why, would you do that with a phone or tablet when you can buy a wearable camera built to do just that, to take pictures at whatever interval you want (even continuous if you so desire). It seems a little confusing to me I guess.

Not that I am advocating the other side of this problem. If you are doing something extreme, having a Go-Pro attached to you is acceptable. If you are walking around and have a Go-Pro camera on your head, that isn’t cool. Plus, no matter what the concept of a selfie drone following you, also not cool

I think that is the growing explosion of augmented reality gear and games. Yes, they are cool, but sometimes you just have to enjoy butterflies. Sometimes you need to marvel at how a honey bee can fly based on wing structure, size and lift. Sometimes a flower is not something you capture for later but something you look at now.

Truly I am just as guilty of the mad rush to digital as anyone. I probably pushed some people over the years to start family history projects and share the pictures of the past. For that, I apologize, I knew not then what I was doing. Take the pictures, by all means, share the pictures but not via an always-on selfie drone.

Plus when walking in a big city, don’t make it easy for pickpockets. If you are staring at your device screen, they are considering how much money is in your wallet or purse.