Fix my printer, please!

I think over the past 10-12 years I have always done a spring technology purge. Looking at the things I don’t use as often as I used to and purged them. I did a mini-purge this year in February, but for the most part, haven’t finished the process yet. That said I am going to start listing stuff I am not using on eBay starting next week. In part because the only way I can purge is to start, in part because there are things no longer used that I can get rid of now.

If, First Off (I have to stop using both of those as openers) we consider the changes they are numerous. There was once a time when we had one printer for one computer. Not quite that bad but pretty close. Of course (another thing I have to stop using) we also only had dot-matrix printers. I do not miss the days of dot-matrix. The printer weighed more than a laser does today, and took 2-3 or even four times longer to print a page. 

Did I mention it wasn’t laser? The quality of images was at best questionable. The rise of Inkjet printers was a game changer for most of us. We suddenly could print clear images on photo paper, in COLOR! My ImageWriter joined my MacSE30 as something I used to own!

Those changes like any other were fairly quick and were not that long ago (25 or so years ago). They do however point out the differences in people now, versus then. Please note: What comes next is not me bashing my kids, it is simply a statement. The other day one of my kids tried to print something, and it failed. Their immediate response, get dad. My wife does the same thing; I think that has to do with reliance on someone that has expertise. But I wonder I talk to people all the time that aren’t young (and aren’t old) who cannot or won’t do the simple and easy troubleshooting tasks to solve a problem.

That said, I am going to today, share the quick and easy steps for solving printing problems. They are simple, easy and if you do those three steps (in the order listed) if you call tech support they will be able to help you, faster!

1. Unplug the printer from the computer and then plug it back in. If it is a wireless connect (non-USB), then turn the Wi-Fi off on your computer and turn it back on.

2. Turn the computer off or more correctly restart the computer.

3. Turn the printer off and then back on again.

Those three simple steps take care of 90% of your printing problems and make it a lot easier if you do have to ask for help. The really funny thing is, I learned these steps all those years ago with my first ImageWriter. They still work today for whatever printer you are using. Be it Inkjet, Inkjet Plotter, Laser, Color Laser or even if you still have an operating Dot-Matrix. Three steps to rule them all!


Fix my printer!