Wandering the night sky in search of quiet!

The path to quiet is always the interesting one. People always tell you to seek inner calm or peace. But the world we live in is a cacophony of noise that flows around you like a river. How do you find quiet in a loud room? Can you find the pockets of quiet in a loud room? With the addition of a voice-activated, voice-controlled speaker increase or reduce the noise in the space? If the question asked is how many pins fit on the tip of the wand of a wizard, and the answer is blue, do voice-activated speakers dream when we are out of the room?

In the increasing press of noise can we find quiet? Do we have quiet anymore or do we wander from room to room, from place to place seeking quiet? Looking for places where librarians sit behind high desks and shush everyone that makes noise. There are still quiet places you can make and or find. But there are fewer of them now, than before. Or maybe the number is the same, but you have to need quiet more now? Or well you get the idea the concept of what is quiet has changed.

Quiet time was once a good book, a good chair, and silence. Sometimes the newspaper replaced the book. In a rush to modernize reality we modernized quiet time to include music players and earphones. Our quiet, the quiet, is moving further away from a physical space and more towards a moment. I want quiet now, so I am donning my noise canceling headphones and tuning out the world.

Do you seek quiet now? Standing in your house listening to the sound of children or dogs and wondering where did the quiet go? Or is it now, forever gone, a memory you have of a different time. When, as the spring temperatures rose (not to the sticky reality of summer) to that nice comfortable level say 75 degrees and the tree with its new bed of grass looks so inviting? Do you remember the quiet you found there, reading a book and watching the day wander past you? Could you do that today?

Or is it mandatory now, that you don your noise canceling headphones? That you plug in your music player and consider the reality of the universe with a 1 pound addition to your head? The quiet within the only quiet you can find? The cacophony of technology all around you. Blaring and bleating with its siren call to move away from quiet to the noise of the world around us.

The path to quiet is personal. It is your journey. I sometimes think in our rush to create noise; we forget that quiet can be important. That quiet isn’t noise-cancelling headphones or isolation booths as we prepare for a television quiz show. Quiet is the inner peace of doing something for ourselves. Of making sure we have both a path forward, but also a way forward. Quiet is the time to reset the machine that is our heart and soul.



Quiet is the sound of on heart beating, slowly drawing you into its orbit.