What lies just ahead?

I talked yesterday about voice and how it is going to change the world around us. Motion is also interesting, in that it has matured significantly in the past two years. So has the evolving world of 360-degree video and still image cameras. What was, is no more. What will be? That remains the open question!

That got me to the point of what lies ahead. In the back of my mind, I am pulling together a Kickstarter campaign that I have been working on for more than three years. I need to finalize, figure out how to build the overall solution and launch the campaign.

What, however, beyond my Kickstarter campaign, lies ahead beyond motion-voice and seeing everything around you? Nestled just over the horizon what is lurking there?

Google Home recently released a voice training system. Teach, the device, to recognize your voice. That capability, voice recognition is a part of what the upcoming Jibo solution has integrated into its core software. I know who you are. The same is true with the concepts of facial recognition. Jibo also has that piece of the puzzle, seeing faces it knows and responding to those faces with learned behaviors.

Stage two of home automation is the reality of smart appliances that know how your day was. Rough day, your stress levels up, you come home to low lighting, soft music and dinner in the process. Or at least something out and ready to be made. Perhaps (if they ever get their prices down) you simply grab the Blue Apron box on the front door step and start a relaxing cooking experience.

The integration of home automation is making it easier and simpler to relax and enjoy the world around you. Bad days melt away; good days become photographic moments, we all love to see your smile! 

Now, the reality of all that integration sets in. Your home isn’t an IT shop nor do you want it to be. Things have to be easy to use, operate and maintain. The more stress you have maintaining something, the more frustrating it is. 


The next part of what comes next beyond simple is an adaptation. I have friends who love voice controlled devices. They tell me, via email, that it is the future. I always reply with the following:

“Send me a video of you getting Siri to tell you a restaurant near you, on a crowded subway!”

Voice control is awesome, but it is a quiet environment based. The other side of control, the motion is also the quiet environment. The keyboard and typing remain the primary loud environment interaction. The device has to be able to accept input from all three easily. 

The future is the integration of all three, with a device smart enough to know which is operating. Perhaps even a device like Jibo, smart enough to also know when things are not as they should be. The sound of a human being that lives alone falling can be tragic, unless the Jibo device recognizes the sound of someone falling, calls out to verify that the person is OK, and if they aren’t calling for help.

I’ve fallen, I can’t get up, but Jibo is calling for help!