A future view of home automation…

Tomorrow. What a funny word. It means what isn’t here yet. In the world of home automation, the “what isn’t” here yet is bigger than the what is here. 

By the way, just for my purposes wouldn’t a smart appliance know my mood in the morning? On rough days make really strong coffee! Anyway, what is coming that will change the world around us?

Three products, one that is here and two that are shipping that will change home interaction significantly. The future of home intelligence or home AI will be the interaction. Alexa, the name given to the Amazon Echo system has already arrived. There are some devices in the space that offer you voice control of your home. In fact, I think soon no one will be allowed to name their children Alexa because every time someone on the radio named Alexa uses their name, Alexa in my house responds with “I don’t understand.”

Jibo and Keecker are two home systems that are coming. Keecker is the first home pod. A tool designed to provide on-demand media services. Want to make a Skype, WhatsApp or another video call with someone? Simply call Keecker using the application on your phone, and it will COME TO YOU! You then get to use Keecker’s speakers and video projection system. Laying on the couch relaxing? Call Keecker for a screen presentation on the wall you can see, while lying on the couch!

Jibo presents some interesting interactions and potential conversations as it has more of the social interaction intent going forward. Jibo more like Alexa will, in fact, interact with you. Keecker communicates with your phone or tablet creating the ability for you to share information, calls, and media. Jibo will also interact with your media, but it has another side. The thing that most interested me was the concept of Jibo as a device for aging parents. Put Jibo in mom or dad’s home, and Jibo will help. Remind them to take pills, be there to share pictures and video of the past and to play music.  You could even record stories, books, and other interactions so that Jibo could entertain children while you are away from home!

Jibo and Keecker are coming soon (this summer in fact)! Amazon Echo, Dot, and other 3rd party products that use Alexa voice control are here now. Although the Amazon Echo Vision is coming soon (adding a camera interaction to Alexa).

The future of home automation is voice control and motion. You see motion on a crowded subway is risky. Gesturing wildly to control a device on the subway isn’t recommended. You will make the other passengers uncomfortable. Voice control on a crowded subway is always tough. But at home, it is the perfect mix of the art of the possible, and what is possible. Alexa, please find my keys, my iPad and if you could can you also locate my children?


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