I am waterproof, and so is my raincoat!

Technology and water seals, sometimes really critical. There is, of course, the argument water resistant versus waterproof. What it truly means in most cases is how deeply underwater the item can go. Waterproof would normally include a rating (300 feet, or 100 feet etc). The same is true for shock proof versus shock resistant. 

I actually feel sorry for people that are stuck with broken screens. Our smart devices are so critical path now, a broken screen forces you to limp along. Luckily the reality of voice control is improving every single release. Cortana, Alexa and Google Home are all improving every time we turn around. It is interesting to me, that Cortana is improving but the original Microsoft technology (Kinect) is actually being decremented.

Why am I musing on this topic? Well in part because I noticed about five days ago that my time-lapse weather video was cloudy. It had rained for three of the previous four days so I thought it was just rain. I then reached out to tech-support just in case. I cleaned the lens but it stayed cloudy. It still looks a little cloudy to me, even though the images were a lot more clear yesterday than they had been. I will keep my eye on the images to see if they get better or if they have issues. Beyond posting my daily time-lapse video I am also posting Prom video, some of which is pretty funny. Mostly because I think the parents were struggling to let go, and the kids were ready for the rite of passage.

P4280096(The image is of the boys in tuxes. I guess now correctly called men in tuxes).

When my kids were little I bought a shock proof, or shock resistant camera (The Olympus TG-1). The kids like to take pictures at events and small children drop cameras. Better they drop a camera made to fall than my cellular phone. We upgraded about a year or so ago to the TG-4 the latest in the line. Now because if I drop it, it doesn’t break, it also is waterproof. All the pictures and video of prom were taken with the Olympus camera. I didn’t break out the Canon because I forgot to charge the batteries :-(.

I’ve also been troubleshooting a clogged nozzle in my 3d printer. I have to say it has been a tough tech support week. I miss being able to print things on the printer.

Now, bringing up two tech support issues will anger the tech support gnomes, they will make sure I have at least four or five issues next week so we will end the tech support woes section right here.

Yesterday is over. By the way is was well over 80 degrees in Germantown MD yesterday and quite pleasant. It wasn’t the Washington DC traditional summer combination of humidity and heat. I post a new feature I call yesterday’s weather every day on my YouTube Channel. You know, if you are ever in need of knowing what the weather was, yesterday. So far in more than 45 days of predicting what weather was yesterday, I am yet to be wrong!


I am waterproof!