Make today the day you backup all your digital photos… #digitalbackupday!!!!

What is a camera now? I know, that what was isn’t anymore in the camera world. I grew up in the days of film. The film, frankly, made cameras expensive. You paid for the film. You paid to have it developed. Then you paid because, over the years, you had 100’s of pictures and nothing to do with them.

But camera’s themselves are undergoing a huge change right now. UV, Thermal, 360 and drone based cameras continue to land and expand their beachhead. More and more of them every single day. I just posted an argument about whacking selfie drones out of the air with a selfie stick, not because I am an old person angry at technology but because it feels like a violation of my personal space.

The other side is the rise of cellular phones and by extension mobile cameras. I have some pictures captured years ago on my old Windows Pocket PC phone cameras. Some of them are pretty grainy. The problem with cellular phones as cameras is twofold. The first is they are made to be held against your face, not at camera focal length. They also do not have viewfinders. The quality of pictures increases significantly with a viewfinder.

Your cellular camera is a tool however and an important one. The number of images captured every single year continues to grow. Where once people took 200, 300 or possibly 500 pictures a year. My father loved to take photographs. He took roughly 589 photos a year for approximately 45 years. I say that only because we scanned all those pictures and slides. But my father was an avid photographer who was kind of good. I am an average to less than average photographer, but at this point, I am averaging nearly 4000 pictures per year or a significantly larger per year average than my father who as I said was an avid photog. Plus, of that average, he boosted it significantly taking 2000 pictures a year towards the end of his life by using digital cameras.

iPhone picture taken two nights ago. Better quality by a significant amount in just over 12 years.

The number of pictures taken per year is going up. Today, just today I uploaded three new photos. One is a YouTube (blurry) image from my time-lapse weather station. The other two are 360-degree pictures of my office taken this morning when I was playing around. There are many more days where I take 100, 200 or more pictures. In the film days you had to worry not only about the cost, but did you actually have more film in your bag. Now, unless you don’t have a large memory card, you only worry about well nothing! 

I acknowledge that my personal quest to end cellular cameras as the only camera carried by people was a fools errand. I do, however, still caution you to back up those pictures in more than one place. The more copies you have, the more likely you are to have those pictures ten years from now!


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