Of reviews and review scales…

I restarted doing movie reviews again, posting them to Niume. I thought I would take the first few lines of today’s post and share my rating systems for technology and movies. I also do restaurant and customer service/business reviews on Yelp so I will add that scale as well.

First movies:

1-5 where 5 is a must see movie and 1 is well a movie you can skip. I am reviewing older movies now, so I will only be sharing movies that are 4’s and 5’s. Right now I am working on my favorite movies in specific genres.

Now businesses/restaurants:

Maximum of 5 stars, with a scale from 1 to 5. If I rate a business or restaurant a 1 star, it is horrible or the customer service is unacceptable. A 5 star restaurant has good servers and good food and can lose the 5th star if we return and the service or food isn’t as good. 5 star means we are going to go back to the place!

Technology Reviews:

I recently changed my technology review delivery. First off I moved from my old system to a newer easier to understand system. Basically I only review items that I find valuable and useful. If I am sharing a review of a crowd funding project my rule is I have to be a backer. My second rule on technology reviews is I also have to use the item in question.

Based on that I now qualify my reviews with my in the bag, in the office, on the boat, at home or in my pocket. That way you have a better picture of not only where I use the device but also how critical it is. When you buy bigger pockets to carry specific devices, you know that device is critical!

Wrap up:

Reviews are always my opinion of products, services and delivery. They are wound around the scale I use, but are intended as my presentation of what I think about the products or services in question. My taste, my opinion and my personality drive the reviews!


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