Digital Rude, and Cyberbullying…

I promised myself I would not launch political tirades on this blog. I have in the past, but I promised myself that I was staying away from the concepts of processes of politics. I did yesterday, however, post about the sheer frustration I have with the way people are treating crowdfunding creators currently. I am not sure why people are doing this.

First off, always off, seriously this isn’t cool, the reality of social shaming. Hey, I understand that sometimes people are wrong. Sometimes mistakes are made. Based on that raising the issue on a social platform like a blog is fair. You, as the blogger have the right to your opinion. The creator of the project has the right to their opinions. It is an opinion that your opinion is better than anyone else’s. In fact, opinions, are merely that, opinions. So stand behind your opinion, post a blog and move on. These constant and sometimes incredibly rude social attacks are starting to make me realize that we need to grow up.

I know that I have in the past taken things personally that I shouldn’t have. I step way from the keyboard, and I consider both what and how I approach what happens next. It isn’t that I am perfect, I am very far from perfect. I have come to realize that a constant and ongoing public attack doesn’t do anyone any good. It simply makes everyone nervous.

Yesterday I posted about the reality and the risk of crowdfunding. There are no guarantees in life; crowdfunding goes even further down the path of no guarantees. I understand that for something to spring to life it takes time. Look I am not going to say that I haven’t reached out to some crowdfunding campaigns and asked about delays. I groan when the email arrives discussing another delay. I was frustrated and posted the email sent around from the PopSlate II team when they closed down the campaign without a single item being shipped. Yes, that made me mad. I didn’t however, go seeking out the personal social media accounts of the creators and shame them. I didn’t go on the offensive and post horrible things. I just sniffled, published the letter and moved on.

My grandfather always told me two things. The first was look before you leap. The second was make sure you understand where the other person is, first. I have lived by those two rules ever since the first time I heard them more than 45 years ago. I do not shame people publically. I am, you will notice complaining right now in my blog about the behavior of individuals on social media. I am not using the Twitter handles or sharing their profile addresses. I am not posting their emails. My rule for names in blogs has always been incredibly simple. If I use the product, then I talk about it. If I back the project, then I talk about it. If they have horrible customer service, I talk about it. I do not stalk their social media I post my issue right here on this blog.

I read the hateful and cruel comments made by people in expressing their opinion, and I feel sorry for project creators. I understand that the new models of innovation put them at risk. There is no R&D department of XYZ company protecting them. There is only them. Why is it that people feel they can openly attack someone they don’t know without recourse?

Why is trolling not a crime? It is as hateful as just about anything else. I decided more than five years ago that I would no longer allow comments to be posted on my blog without my moderating them first, why? Because some of the troll comments were beyond hateful and I wasn’t going to share them. In the US we have the principal of free speech. But free speech is only a right if you protect it for others as well. If you resort to personal attacks of other people, do you accept personal attacks in return? Michelle Obama said one of the greatest things last year “They go low, we go high.” I am not, sure enough, people understand what it means to go low. If you attack someone on social media, without giving hem voice, you are going low.

The more I think about it, the more this social shaming strikes me as bullying. Calling someone out by name, shaming them is a form of cyberbullying. Sad in the end.


It just makes me sad…