On making a weather mistake…

Yesterday I experienced a weather failure. We were preparing to take the dogs for their daily walk. It is something we’ve done for the past three years with both dogs. They, the dogs, love the walk. I checked the weather forecast and then my weather station, and in both cases, it seemed that the original weather prediction that rain would roll into our area around 6 pm were correct. We ended up heading out on a walk around 4 pm. (I start my work day early). As we reached the furthest point of the walk from our house, the thunderstorm arrived.

IMG_0158So we got wet, and neither dog is a huge fan of rain. We had just decided to cut the walk short when the rain stopped, and blue skies returned. So we ended up taking a full walk, but the last 1/2 of it was while soaking wet!

In my childhood, I got good at knowing when a thunderstorm was coming. The ominous line of black clouds in the sky darkening the horizon was normally a real clue (I wrote a poem many years ago that was published called “The last known painting of Skyler Blue” my impressions sitting and watching an impending thunderstorm).  This storm rolled through violently and very quickly. That typically happens when you are closer to a large body of water, and we are only 56 miles from the Chesapeake Bay.

Simple math here – this is why you have a Micro-Weather station at your home. Conditions can change rapidly. In that rapid changing, you can get caught outside without an umbrella and a dog that doesn’t like thunder, much.

In the summer those electric moments after a thunderstorm are magical. The air charged with Ozone, and the temperature drops. 5 or even 10 degrees in the summer taking you from 95 degrees to 85 degrees. A nice respite to a hot summers day. In the spring that temperature differential, that change is often even more extreme. It went from 81 degrees the high of yesterday to 71 before the sun went down, and 51 by this morning. 

If you check out our YouTube channel to catch my yesterday’s weather video post you will see that as of 3:30 there were no clouds at all at our house. In fact, if you look you will see that at 4:00 pm no clouds. They literally rolled in and out incredibly fast.

Luckily modern cellular phones and smart watches are water proof. Shirts and shorts, as well as soaked shoes, will dry. It only takes time!

(now Raven and Dylan glaring at me because they were wet, and neither of them likes thunderstorms, took longer to go away than my wet clothes took to dry).


wet weather mis-=prognosticator