What is that you say Horatio? You hear the train that is the information age?

I listen to the sound of the oncoming train and I realize that it isn’t on the tracks I am standing on. I also realize, in listening to that far off distant train that it is both far off, and distant. I stop and look around to see, to find the vibration in the world around me that says the train has passed us by. But there is no vibration, there is no train.

It is, it will be, it could be, it might be, it is. Why then do the analysts run around declaring not only has the train passed us by, but miraculously without knowledge or forethought we hopped on the train and now are riding in, off into the sunset? Personally I think it is more like the TV commercial where the cowboy is riding off, and rides into one of the letters on the screen, knocking him off his horse.

holome Saturday editionI won’t derail the train, I won’t knock it off its course. Because it has yet to arrive. Sure analysts say the information age has come, and like a puppy seeking love, is sitting in front of us now. Patiently waiting for us to pet it. But the information age is not a warm puppy full of love. It is a train. Why a train? Because it moves more than people, carries more than love, and isn’t a singular unit. It is a series of trains leaping outward from an ever growing hub spreading more and faster. 

You can put your ear on the rail and know it is true. That there is a rumble on the tracks that tomorrow will bring an information age. But then you have to stop for a moment, you have to realize that you are standing on the track where the information age, barreling towards a bright future of shared information and ideas, isn’t coming. You pull your binoculars from your bag and seek a vision but it is not there.

Someday perhaps, but not while you are there standing. Watched pots after all never boil, right? You might as well setup your tent, the information age is on the tracks, it just isn’t here yet. Information takes too long, too many winding roads to be ubiquitous now. If, and by if it is always possible, you can reach out and touch information as it flows past you, then perhaps that golden age is here. But since you can’t, no one has cyber gloves yet that act not only as receivers for information but also as fashion statements. 

Too much information lives hidden in the minds of people still for the train to come, and in arriving, pick up passengers and take us beyond the information age to what is next.

I can hear the train Horatio. I feel a vibration on the tracks that says somewhere the train is rolling, the train is trying to make it to us. Perhaps the snow in the mountains forces it to idle and all we feel Horatio is the vibration of the future pulsing and waiting. Or worse, Horatio is the coming information age, the long announced information age merely fake news of the pre-age, generated by those who would mislead?