Cool Tech Wander project reboot 12.1.4

I have over the years had some technology obsessions. First many years ago I was obsessed with printers. I watched for the new printers that would offer more and more capabilities. I always had my old reliable (and HP 5p) printer. But I had other printers in the house looking for the perfect printer.

20170418_095908000_iOSThere is no perfect printer. I figured that out eventually. Dot Matrix printers created horrible images. Ink jet printers did much better with images but boy if that paper got wet. Plus HP, which back then was the only printer I had, made their money on the ink, not the printer. The cartridges would end up out of ink very quickly! I moved to a color laser printer at home (quality of images, and still quality of documents as well). I added a high-speed laser printer in my wife’s office (due to her job she prints more than the rest of us, sometimes 25 pages printed to 1 for the rest of us).

HP printers became Canon printers. I only have Canon printers in the house, easier to understand and troubleshoot. I still have two Inkjet printers (a plotter for large prints) and a portable inkjet printer for the boat.

There was a time when I only had Canon scanners. I don’t have Canon scanners anymore. I moved to Epson for scanners during the Family History project. A good scanner can set you back a lot of money so if the software is awful, don’t buy the scanner!

That got me thinking about my review system and my Cool-Tech wander project. Currently, I have the following categories for the value of a product I am reviewing:

Would I carry it with me (in my pocket)

Would I need it everywhere but not on me (in my computer bag)

Would I use it in the car?

Would I use it on the boat?

Would I use it at home?

20170418_095925000_iOSI am now thinking of adding a complexity of software category as well. As in is the provided software easy to use? For example today I am sharing images created by the Seek Thermal Camera. Easy to use and easy to share the images. Plug the camera into the phone, and start taking thermal pictures.

Evaluating software for ease of use is difficult, not that I am the greatest computer ever, but I do have years of experience. What I find frustrating is not what other people find frustrating. But I do understand the complexity of a solution. If there are more than ten steps to set something up, most people will get frustrated.

Time to get rolling on my day!