Cool Tech Wander project 12.1.1

There are a number of products shipping in the summer (late spring as well) of 2017 that I think are incredible. One of the first out of the gate is a product called GoTenna. This product has two functions that if offers (A link is here). What does this offered you? Well first off it replaces the old family radio you carried with a much smaller clip on device. It turns your cellular phone, that you carry anyway, into the family radio style walkie-talkie with a range of 10 miles between Gotenna’ s. If you are outdoors or like to wander around art fairs, however you like to spend your time, this is a great way to stay in touch with the other people in your group!

The primary competitor is a product called Beartooth and it will be shipping this spring as well. They both offer you an extended push to talk network for your cellular phone. All you both need is a Gotenna or Beartooth on your person, and you are ready to start talking! This literally reduces the number of devices you have to carry with you when you are out and about. As more and more of these antennas appear in the world the mesh network created by the system will expand your capability to push-to-talk even further!

TrendJibo, that I have mentioned on my cool-tech posts is a home robot designed for interaction. Jibo will be shipping this year. The other cool robotic system that intrigues me is the Keecker, that is also hopefully shipping. Both of these projects have been in process for a long time, and they reality of what they are delivering, is hopefully here soon! Another interesting robotic system that is shipping this year (again hopefully barring delays) is Aibo. All three will offer interaction  and automation opportunities.

I would like to point out that I don’t always look for things that are over the horizon. I do often, but not always. With that in mind there are a couple of interesting innovations that are available right now in the market, and are not pre-orders. The first is the Leap Motion controller, I find the product continues to improve. It is a USB connected motion system for your PC. Plus it in and use gestures to control the world!  The other that is shipping now  is the Amazon Echo. I am constantly amazed by the features and functions added by the Alexa team to and for the product. IT has become a good tool. Plus it sounds good!

Going back to my bad rating system, the Keecker, Jibo and Aibo, are devices that will be in the house. I will not have them in a bag. I guess they are a new category things that never leave home! But the Beartooth and GoTenna are going in the bag right away!  They are take with me everywhere devices.

Time for me to get rolling. We have to mow the lawn today and many other household chores that get put off during the work week. Funny how the work week pays for the stuff you have, but the consumption of time makes it harder to get things done until the work week is over. I guess dislike lesson in there somewhere.


time to mow!