I love Technology…

I am a technologist.

It means something to me to evaluate, understand and consider not only new technology but reworked and rereleased technology as well. I have been doing that for a very long time now. In  the many years since I left teaching, I have focused wholly on technology. From a technology and implementation mode, I have done a lot of projects all around the world.

The thing that makes me happiest in considering technology is considering the reality of change. Change is a thing that many people  fear. I don’t fear change but I have a healthy respect for it. In part because I have been run over by change in the past. In part because it is prudent to consider risk and change is a risk.

All of this started many years ago for me. In part because I was curious. In part because I actually saw something possible that was coming via technology. That the world could in fact be a better place. I attribute the realization to two specific events in my life. The first was watching NASA launches with my father. The second was my father handing me a circular slide rule. Those two events for me opened my eyes.

I later worked for a former NASA CIO. One of the best conversations we had was simply sitting in his office, starting in 1968, coming up with every billing dollar business that came out of NASA.  We ended up listing 9, but I suspect we missed a few. Video chips, smaller processors, memory and so on, all burst out of NASA’s need to build a craft that could leave the atmosphere and return safely to earth.

Every week I check Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Although, I suspect over the next few months I will check Indiegogo less and less. In part their new relationship with IBM changes everything. In part because in reviewing their success rate, IG has a huge failure rate for technology projects (more than 20%) that Kickstarter just doesn’t have.

What we seek and what we need are often one and the same. But sometimes the reality of what we want and what we need are truly different. One of the most important thing that all of us need is a way to effectively move along the timeline that is critical for us. My technology vision a, at least at home changes frequently.  There are time s when home automation is everything. There are times when I really am more interested in the concepts of home theater. It is often the case that I find myself heading off in a different direction.

That is what drives me, overall when it comes to new technology now. I did for a time chase after ev3ery robotic entity that was listed on KS and IG. I haven’t seen those come to the house yet, but I wasn’t expecting any of those to be quickly delivered. I am still waiting for Keecker, Jibo and Aibo rococo’s systems.

Waiting doesn’t change my commitment but does ultimately drive what I am willing to commit to and how much money I am willing to tie up in the reality of technology futures. I like to keep less than 2000 dollars tied up now in future deliveries. Just because the reality of technology is somethings are hard to do.

That said I return to my opening salvo, I am a technologist. I am a little more open to the risk of the possible weighted against what I know to be real.  It doesn’t make you a non-technologist if you aren’t willing to take on risk. Everyone has different tolerances to the reality of risk. Do what makes you feel comfortable!