The new windows is, well should be in the next few days, available if you are running Windows 10…

Today, many of you that upgraded to Windows 10 will begin downloading the newest version of the OS. There are some things that you will find in this new operating version that is incredible. For me, the biggest additions are greater integration with Hololens and the emergence of more 3d tools.

holome Saturday editionThe 3d art tools are incredible. Plus, if you consider that they are freely available, they are even more incredible! When I started in computing, I was a Macintosh user. Back in the day, we used something called SCSI (small computer system interface). The rule of thumb was seven devices in a daisy chain with the last device having a terminator. That rule wasn’t one that always worked. First off, you could have multiple daisy chains connected, in the PC world each would plug into a PCI, EISA or ISA bus slot and provide you with access to the SCSI devices. Scanners, hard drives and many other things connected via SCSI, back in the day. Backup tapes were the biggest use in the data center world. SCSI had limits, but you could connect it reasonably quickly.

Then came USB and the advent of the plug (and sometimes pray). Where often the device could plug into the computer and the computer would recognize it, and begin using it right away. In theory, the capacity pf a single USB port on a computer is infinite. It isn’t; you still have issues with data capacity if you stretch the system too far. If you string nine hard drives on a single USB port and then copy files to all nine hard drives at once, you will quickly find that capacity is critical. When your computer has to buffer data, and the data buffering exceeds the available physical memory, well you end up with a slow computer.

USB of course now has friends, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both of those allows you to have a wireless connection between the device and your computer (or phone or tablet). These also expand the ability of your computer and your cellular phone and tablet. The early days of what was to become wireless networking were interesting. You were bound to a very small space. Now you have to worry about how far into the neighbor’s yard your wi-fi signal is carrying and why is that person in the car sitting there with their laptop?

The what, how and how many things connected to your PC has changed racially in the past 20 years. That collection of connections would make a nice museum exhibit now. I remember the days of SCSI when you had a hard drive and a scanner connected. Whoa, be unto you if you turned the wrong one on first!

Now you only turn the device on as you need it. You can right click on most things and eject them when you are done. You aren’t bound to restarting your computer if you start things in the wrong order! You used to be by the way!

The new version of Windows 10 is exciting. The 3d art program is impressive. The world of rendering and delivering 3d artifacts continues to expand. The conversion to a printable object still requires a little more effort.

Further integration of Azure services into Windows will be interesting. Integration of office, Hololens, and other functions will also be intriguing. I used to have computers in my basement as a lab; now I simply spin things up on a VM. Azure integration today allows me to quickly spin up a server, see what I need to have in place and then shut it down and move on to the next thing. Hyper-V is a pretty straight forward Hypervisor overall.

(Hyper-V is the hypervisor for building virtual machines and comes with some versions of Windows 10. I say some because I have never tried to load it on the home version of windows 10, I have Windows 10 Professional at home for a lot of different reasons).

Enjoy your new operating system!


I actually like Windows 10