Cool Tech projects and images….

Some years ago, I bought a car seat cover that did massage and heat. It was back in the days of cars without heated seats. We no longer consider heated seats a luxury, so all three cars have them! That means my massage cover went away. Recently I got a car with massage built into the seats. I cannot say how amazing it feels to turn on massage as you are sitting in Washington DC traffic. Between listening to audible books, XM music and getting my back rubbed I have to say it makes the commute so much easier!

starting file for comic effectI recently backed a campaign on Kickstarter for a UV camera or one that takes and shows images based on UV light. This is just another amazing thing you can do with your cellular phone. While I am not a huge advocate of using your cellular phone as your only camera, I do think so of the adds on area fantastic.

One of those add-ons is the Seek Thermal camera. Why do you need a thermal camera? Well, the easy answer is to check the seals of the windows where you live. Or, to check how hot the engine in your vehicle is running, or to just see cool images of what produces heat around you. Seek has a great iPhone application, and I love what you can do with it. The images shared today on my blog come from the seek them. They are of my lab, sleeping under my desk, his cave!

I won’t jump on my digital camera soapbox. Personally, I think the world of digital cameras is exploding around us. But that is my soapbox, so I will only say, that the world of 360-degree cameras is one to watch in the next six months. Cameras are coming that can stitch the 360 image right on the camera instead of requiring software. That is a huge change for the devices and will be one that I think makes them easier to use, and therefore more full spread.

Another fun crowd funding project that recently arrived is the flip stylus. While the Apple Pencil is beautiful, it doesn’t have heft. When I am working on an idea and drawing, I need a little heft. The reason for that is my personal drawing evolution from chalk to whiteboards. I like having a whiteboard pen in hand when I am thinking. Flip provides that – and it is very accurate! Plus you can “flip” it, and you have an eraser.

20170412_095518000_iOSYes, I know I am a geek. In part, because everyone sends me emails saying what do you think about this product or that product. There was a time when virtually everything I had was a beta or running a beta version of its operating system. There are many things in my home that are now production software because the value to me now is their functionality, not missing cool features. That change has occurred in the past three years or so. It is mostly because I often made my wife have to learn things quickly to use things she wanted to use. I feel sorry for doing that, so I started reducing the moving pieces in our house. Frankly, I have to say I prefer not having all the moving parts sometimes. The technology category of just work is one I have come to consider valuable.

What that means it that TV’s, remotes and speaker systems do not run beta software. That way they are always working. We ended up getting home automation remotes in the living room and the basement. These remotes allow you to control all the media and home resources in the house quickly. Plus, in the living room, you can put up the video from the outside cameras if you are curious about what is going on around you without going to doors or windows. Going to a door or a window tells someone that you are home. Once the person sees you, they won’t stop knocking!

I am going to feature on this blog some of the artwork my sons created in digital art this year. I only have one son’s artwork right now, still waiting for Luke’s but today the featured artist is Nick. Oh yeah and a thermal image of my dog, Dylan!


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