Officer, there are a bunch of drones over our umbrella here on the west side of the beach…

Over the last week or so I have started three different blogs for sharing with my mother blog on CloudTweaks. I can say I have looked at and evaluated three various topics. All three ended up in my things to think about later. I do that for when I get a bad case of writer’s block; I can open that folder and see what I was thinking previously. Sometimes that produces something, at times that simply gets me rolling on another topic.

One of those concepts lately has been the reality of the drone market. I would like to say as a point of clarification first that I consider the “drone” market to include more than simply the currently famous flying drone market. A drone represents more than just devices that fly. The market includes the broader ROV market that includes driving and underwater operation as well. This would include the ever growing ROV market like OpenROV and others. But this also allows for some of the original remotely operated vehicles such as the Brookstone remotely operated vehicle.

The market is evolving considerably. First off we have to consider the use cases. When we consider ROV’s such as aerial or underwater, the use cases pop up pretty quickly. Recently after all the inclement weather in the Southern United States, you saw insurance companies having drones check roofs for damage. The same is possible for fire departments and other first responders, using the aerial drone to determine hot spots and other areas of risk close at hand. For homeowners, the ability to see the condition of your gutters is a huge plus! Why get on a ladder when your drone can tell you what is going on. You can use the terrestrial ROV’s to go places you are concerned to enter or places where you don’t want to put yourself. It is really sad if you send your remote ROV into a crawlspace only to have a badger maul the device. That, however, pales in comparison to the reality of a badger mauling you.

The market is evolving. Underwater ROV’s have some uses. First off you can wander under your boat and check for hull integrity. As if your hull could be “immoral” doing well unspeakable things that must be hidden, and ends up hiding things under water because well no one looks there. More, to verify there isn’t damage to your hull. You can also use a remote underwater ROV to see what is under your boat, from a cool shipwreck or of course sunken treasure. I know some pirate made it all the water to the Chesaepeake bay and hid their treasure that the 1000’s of boats that have already passed over it missed. Seriously, all of them missed the quickly grabbed treasure chest full of non-rusting gold. It won’t even be that hard to drop anchor and upon cleaning the much around my treasure, pull it onto the boat. The hardest part will be lifting the gold bars onto the boat. Unless the pirate pre-bagged everything for future salvage considerations!

droneIt is a growing market and one that I find incredibly attractive. In part because of the rapid growth and in part because of the incredible capabilities this new market provides. I have talked about my favorite product right now the Aguadrone. I cannot wait for the product to ship. A waterproof done that offers you the ability to land on water, take video underwater but at the same time to use sonar and find fish, all of this broadcast back to your phone. Imagine for a second the many beaches where sharks sometimes visit. As a lifeguard you could deploy an Aguadrone and quickly see just what was lurking beyond the edge of the area you are responsible for. It is really sad if the shark leaps out of the water and takes out the drone, but much better the shark munches on drone plastic than on human beings!

Another thing I posted about last month was the concept of metal detection drones (also coming soon). Officer, I went to the beach and because the soda machine has a broken dollar bill converter I got 10 dollars worth of quarters to buy cold soda. Ever since we arrived at the beach, there has been a cloud of drones hanging over us, and people are lurking just outside our area. They think there is buried treasure where our umbrella is, but it is just the quarters I brought for the vending machine. Can you please wander down to this side of the beach and make them go away?

Now if you will excuse me my drone is playing keep away with my keys!


I guess I keep droning about drones…