The art of the possible…..

The art of the possible, I hear that all the time as we consider, evaluate and build proposals for customer’s. What is truly possible. What can we do, right now? When people say the phrase, it makes me sometimes laugh, not out of meanness by the way, just because it strikes me as humorous.

First off because (I use the phrase first off a lot don’t I) it is simply a phrase that is entirely and utterly irrelevant. What is possible today, is completely not applicable to tomorrow. The reason for the conversation is the reality of the possible. Once a week I get a new email telling me things that Alexa can do. Alexa, being the voice controlled Amazon Echo speaker. By the way, I would like to start a campaign that if your name is Alexa, you cannot work on radio or TV. There are a couple of radio shows I listen to in my home office with a person named Alexa. My Amazon Echo, SingleCue, and Nucleus systems all respond when Alexa is called out.

Luckily the gesture systems don’t respond to all the waving on the TV in my office. That would drive me crazy. I like to listen to financial news during the day when I am not listening to music, so the background noise is often on.

Then I realized that blogs like mine are where people predict the future, not the current. I do from time to time talk about things that intrigue me right now. But for the most part, I am just over the edge of new things, things not quite there yet. I have thought about, considered and ultimately not started some crowdfunding campaigns, as much because of my lack of time as anything. But I do pay attention to what lies over the edge.

You see, on the brink of what could be possible lies the seeds of what will be possible, but right now isn’t envisioned. 360 degree cameras were hard to build, hard to implement and non-existent just three short years ago. Now, you can find them almost everywhere. Bubl remains my favorite, but the new cameras that include the ability to be submerged and still shoot 360-degree video are interesting.

Finding the next thing isn’t hard, you just have to consider what people are doing right now, how that may change and then apply that to something that isn’t real now. I guess now that I’ve written it out, it is hard. A good friend of mine always asks me what I am carrying in my pocket other than my phone. He says that tells him what I am using all the time of the “new age crap you are always talking about.” (that is a direct quote). That is true, right now in my pocket I have a small device that includes a battery and a couple of tools. The battery is for emergency charging of my phone. I’ve used it two times, and it is a nice thing to have on your keychain. It also ahs a laser pointer/flashlight that I have used about 300 times.

20170218_161038386_iOSI have another friend who says, can I buy the stuff you are moving past. She doesn’t like to be on the cutting edge of technology but does find it interesting pursuing the then art of what is now possible. All of this leading me to the reality of why when people say The art of the possible I laugh.

Why do I laugh? I laugh because it isn’t that what is being asked is impossible or even improbable. It is that it is hard to jump on trends before they are trends. So knowing what is possible now, today, doesn’t mean anything about what will be possible.

New is risky, possible is the path to new. But new is impossible now. I am thinking about printing T-shirts that say ask me what is probable. Ask me what could be. I will happily give you ten options knowing that one of them will come true but also know nine of them will fail. You have to choose which one of the ten you want to back!

The art of the improbable gives us the potential for a more exciting art of the possible. What we do, how we do it and of course what we do it with will change. If, you ask me the art of the possible and I giggle uncontrollably, don’t be offended I am not laughing at you. I am laughing at the possible art that the improbably will make.


The walk, the walk is always possible!