Wandering my new review scale and thinking about yesterday’s weather!

Yesterday I introduced a review concept for the various technologies I talk about. I called them bag worthy. Where the item is used at home, on the road, in the boat or it doesn’t matter what the item is with me in all places.

There is also Camera Bag, but that is used to carry camera stuff. That one is focused on the things I need for cameras, and I don’t often add or remove things from that bag. I just take it with me. It has the battery chargers and other things I need to operate the cameras.

I realized that there is one more thing for technology that advances this concept even further. That being pocket worthy! I carry my iPhone with me everywhere. But other than car keys, the phone is the only other thing I carry, and I don’t carry my car keys when I am home. I do often take my phone with me on the weekends, so it is the one thing guaranteed to be on or near my person all the time.

IMG_0385That got me wandering, today is a wander into the past and see what shakes out the day. Now, if I consider what I used to carry in my bag, it is a telling story of the times that were. First off, I started traveling right before the explosion of cellular phone use throughout the world. I carried a GPS system (CoPilot, I still have it on my phone) that connected to my laptop. I would land in a city I didn’t know, connect and power on my laptop and then turn on the GPS. Wait, wait, wait as it tried to connect to the GPS system. Then, off I went.

(I love how cool it is to see the lights come on at the end of the day each day!)

Over time, I started carrying a portable GPS unit for the car, but that was starting in 2005 or so. I also started carrying a portable XM radio. It was funny because there came a time when I had my suitcase so full of electronics for traveling, that TSA would routinely leave me we opened your bag to see what was in it piece of paper. I covered a section of my bulletin board in Indiana with those flyers!

I am probably lucky that after the 100th of those, they didn’t put a bill in my bag. They wasted a lot of color printing on my bag over the years. I am glad they did. There were a lot of wires, batteries and stuff like that there, in my bag back then.

When I stopped traveling, I switched to a backpack. I took that with me to the office every day, carrying my work laptop. I ceased to carrying a backpack when I started going to downtown DC virtually every day. It made my shoulder ache carrying it. Heavier, I guess that the human shoulder isn’t designed for the weight I was carrying then. I switched to a rolling bag.

I upgraded my rolling bag last summer while we were in Holland, getting a much better bag overall than the one I had before. I also have cut out a lot of stuff I used to carry with me. I am down to taking an external life battery (just in case) my laptop, my iPad, and a USB Skype communication device so I can do calls, either via speakerphone or the USB headset and microphone!

For future reviews, I will include the bag I am carrying the device reviewed. That would be a camera (rare), work, boat or pocket. That way you will have an idea of not only what I think of the device, but also some of the various places I see it being used.

On a fun note, I’ve been posting a new series of videos on my YouTube channel. The wonderful Bloomsky Sky (and Storm) allows you to post a time-lapse video of what was recorded by the station the day before. I am a bit (small) of a smart-aleck, so the thought came to me. I am posting videos of yesterdays weather, why not make into a thing. You know, call it yesterday’s weather forecast, today. Always right! It has been a lot of fun posting what yesterday’s weather did, as a prediction. I have been doing it for a little over a month, and in that time I have been 100% correct on what yesterday’s weather was going to have done, already. Sometimes you have to poke fun.


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