Wandering around wave riding and tomorrows tech…

I spend a little time, but lot’s of column width of weather technology. It is in part, an homage to my father who always loved weather technology. It is also in respect to the reality of weather and its impact on the world around us. When we lived in Indiana, I had a weather station so that I could watch for dangerous weather. In particular, in Indiana, you worry about tornados. Although in moving to Maryland I found out that you worry about Tornados as well, but now add to that Hurricanes. I worry about Hurricane and Hurricane paths for two reasons now. One is they create a significant weather disturbance around our house and the other because we need to double tie the boat during dangerous wind storms.

One of the things I have often done is move with technology, frequently as I posted the other day as a wave rider, just ahead of where everyone else is. Sometimes I am further ahead, and that means the vast mass of humanity goes a different direction. That is why I posted a few days ago about my museum for gadgets that well, never became what they could have been!

IMG_0157If, this were an epiphany about who and what I am, then this blog would be a great launching point for the celebration of that, or changing it to something more closely aligned with the rest of, well everyone. It is not, however, it is something I know, a part of me I relish. I like being a wave rider, a new technology kind of person.

It is why I back new things, consider new potentials and wonder. I wonder if in fact does the possible functionality work? That piece of me that wonders. I know for example that the Delta between dreams and advertising is far less than one would hope. It is razor thin in that I can virtually say anything in advertising as long as I don’t promise anything.

The reality is that many things are advertised, few are promised.

All of this leading to my quest. As a technologist, I am a wave rider. To me, that means that I am someone that rides ahead. I do, however, also have safety technologies. Technologies that I don’t ride ahead of by choice. Those include my phone (cellular) where I seldom if ever install anything beta on my device. The same goes for my iPad. Between those two, I stay away from beta and early adopter stuff. I have a PC in the house that I am running the windows insider build of Windows 10. That PC has the beta and non-beta software on it that I am testing. I like cutting the corner and riding the wave ahead of people in those scenarios. I do, however, have a full backup of that computer in two formats (last known good configuration is the easy one to store, I also have minimal applications installed version).

I backup my iPhone every single day. The same for my iPad. My PC’s get backed up by Carbonite every day. All of this because as a wave rider I know I am at risk for failure points. My quest is, first of all, to be ahead and turn back to tell those following what is coming, that is cool. That is the why of these daily missives, sent out into the universe to share my perceptions. That is not me advertising, that is me promising. I acknowledge that as a wave rider I miss some waves. Or that I ride waves that everyone else looks at and says not for me. That is part both of what I try and what I accomplish as a wave rider. You have to be careful of the waves you pick!

PS, boating hardware is not something I ever beta test. I do not wish to be a ½ mile from shore when I realize that in fact the device I am using, isn’t working anymore. That is, to borrow an old phrase, “a bit of a sticky wicket!”

When I began my technology musings, I was a school teacher. I was looking for ways to improve, innovate and deliver more information to the kids I was teaching. From building HyperCard stacks of Dinosaurs (they kids created the sounds for each dinosaur)! To creating Internet forums for teachers to share ideas (DTS-L) and a society focused on helping teachers share (The Society of Dead Teachers) I have focused my technology career on being just ahead of the curve. As a teacher initially that was using a computer grade book, which saved me hours during grade reporting time.

The future is sometimes behind us when we are wave riders. It is important to remember to look back from time to time. It is also important to remember the most important rule of wave riding, be careful!


Future Tech, futurist…