On being a technology wave rider…

I often find myself wondering. Not, wondering the way I wander in my person blog. I wander, and started the wander project on my blog, because in 5th grade in Indiana when my kids were in that grade, which was asked to pick a place in the state and describe it. I never got to do that in 5th grade. So I started doing that with all the pictures I have of all the places I have been. You can find the wander project on my personal blog.

All of this also leads me to wander, here on my technical blog. Normally the wandering I do here is the reality of crowdfunding projects. I do not, to dispute an email I got about a month ago, only focus on crowd funding. I am also interested in cloud computing and what happens with all those connected devices (What NIST calls CPS or Cyber-Physical Systems, the management, and operations of what the industry calls IoT or Internet of Things).

Eagle TraceI am curious and interested in more things than I blog about. Security is one I often blog about and is one thing that always interests me. What we assume as secure isn’t always. I have advocated on my blog many times people make a set of changes to their home network. The first thing when you buy a new device is to modify the password. The second thing you need to do is setup a secondary wireless network that is connected to the internet but is the one you connect all your IoT devices. That is the first step towards a managed IoT environment. Plus if you discover your IoT device has been hacked it is a pretty simple action to shut off that separate wi-fi router.

But honestly, my personal passion lies in the area of what is next. I am always looking beyond what is possible now trying to see what may yet be possible. I don’t want to boil the ocean as my boss used to always warm me against for table salt. I am simply trying to see the impact of the things being considered and evaluated, presented and thought about. In those future things lies the next direction for technology and as a wave rider, I like to be at the front of as many waves as I can.

That concept, wave riding is one that resonates with me. I find that there are many reasons why someone would want to ride a wave, but the fun is in being just ahead of the wave. You don’t see surfers riding the middle of a wave. That causes them to fall off their boards. They ride just ahead of the wave, and if it is a large enough wave, ride the glassy tunnel formed by the pull of the ocean and the push of the water.

In technology, I ride ahead. I couldn’t by the way, stay on a surfboard long enough to even actually surf. I have tried and crashed every single time. Water skiing I can get up and stay up. Surfboard, not so much. I have looked at Paddle Boarding and the new Kinetic Boards, those look interesting, and I think I might be able to balance myself for that type of activity. In riding ahead, it is important to do two things; the first is to know how to get back. I have two computers that I use (down from a high of many more than two) for this process. The first is my development machine; it has everything to building and solving problems installed. The other is my stable, blog and writing machine. I do have a 3rd and 4th and 5th PC, but they have specific purposes. One is a VR/AR machine, one is a server I have for testing server software, and one is a Macintosh that I have for running Macintosh specific things.

I also find myself making sure my path is clear when it comes to those following. I write and share my experiences with new technologies and new ideas. That sharing is a critical part of being a wave rider. You have to be committed to sharing. That, the rule of wave riding, is why I am concerned that Indiegogo made the deal they made with IBM. I understand that Indiegogo has to protect its future, but signing a deal with IBM wasn’t the way. There was a better way – I sent them an email detailing it, but they said it was not for them. But then they did the first part of my idea, not the second. The last part of being a wave rider is safety. If you cannot make it back, it is unsafe.

It is better to fall and rise than it is to fall and sink. The wave riders credo.


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