Cool Tech and Movie Reviews!

I updated my Cloud Migration/Operations Book back in February. I kept meaning to mention on my blog, but it always fell to the bottom of my things I need to mention list. The list to my book is here included. The title is Operating Beyond your borders. It is available as a Kindle Book and as a Paperback. I designed the cover myself, so I am a proud papa!

The book focuses on the dual edged sword that is preparing an organization to move to the cloud and operate in that environment. It doesn’t go far into the concept of Hybrid cloud, however. That is something I am thinking through a lot right now.

Hybrid cloud by definition means that your cloud environment exists in two separate clouds. There are many reasons why this happens, including security, data governance and the reality of information systems. I have built some tools over the years in helping many different customers meet that migration goal, so they are all shared in the book.

I started a new geeky series on my families YouTube channel. It is all about revealing exactly what yesterday’s weather would be, today! It is mostly time-lapse video from the incredible Bloomsky weather station. I like the concept of Micro-Weather and Bloomsky is one of the best I’ve found in the space!

Another creative outlet is my new movie review column. I do restaurant reviews on Yelp and enjoy doing them, so I started adding movie reviews. I have reviewed two so far, Creator and Breaking Away. One is a movie my knees are in (Breaking Away), but half the town of Bloomington is in the movie. The other, Creator, is my all time favorite movie.

I will be posting a weekly movie review for awhile. So far they have been seen by a few people. We will see if I continue the concept. I also post weekly restaurant reviews on Yelp! Most of those are focused on restaurants near where we live, but on occasion, I do share reviews from places I have been.

The next weekend is the first the boat is in the water. That is always an exciting time of the year. In part because we move the boat this year to a new Marina. In part because I love boating! Cool boating tech features will be coming later on this spring.

One cool boating tech future product that I am super excited about is the waterproof Aguadrone! The product includes a modular done concept and allows you to have sonar to see below the surface of the water. A module that allows you to take a fishing line to the place you saw the fish, and an underwater camera that you can use to film the fish as you catch them, or just film the fish floating around in the water.

I won’t post any more cool tech stuff today. One is enough I think. Otherwise I get emails about why do I chase after so many different technologies. Or the worse ones, what is your power bill. I turn most of the devices off when I am not using them, and I have solar on the roof, so overall my power bill is less than most people think. It is probably more than I should be paying, but not as bad as it could be. I like the concept and impact of solar on the roof!

Bringing this round about post to its conclusion for today, there are some cool new things coming that I will be talking about. My movie review column is now launched and I continue my Yelp reviews. I am backing off on a number of places I contribute to now. I am considering reducing my time on Niume for example, they have a reader problem that is pretty bad. The biggest one is I get 50 to 100 impressions of each post on Twitter. 10-12 people that view my average post. Even though the actual numbers should be radically higher. The same posts on WordPress average more than 100 views. I guess they will get it right, someday.