IT Jenga©, a great game for your IT friends!

The concept of IT Jenga© is one I shared yesterday. Jenga itself;f is a very simple game. You build a tower of blocks. When the tower is complete, you either take out any of the blocks below the top three rows and place it on a new top row. In theory, the game can go on forever. In reality, the game becomes unstable after 8 to 9 turns.

IT Jenga©, on the other hand, has a slight variation in its play. You still take turns but instead of removing one, and putting it on the top, you remove one and grab two more from the other pile. IT Jenga© takes two full sets of Jenga blocks to play.

The advantage is in IT Jenga© you don’t have to build a tower. You can create a larger base. The other reality of the game is that like regular Jenga without careful playing before building your organizational Jenga tower to start; you won’t last three turns.

Organizations, and I have worked with many over the years fail at migrations. At the first problem, most teams stop the migration and either terminate it or start over. There is nothing wrong with failure which is why we here at IT Games have released IT Jenga©.

You see the beauty of IT Jenga© is that if your tower falls, you start over. You can start with once again planning your migration. You rejigger the pieces that didn’t work. You shuffle the deck again. Perhaps your base needed to be broader. Maybe you were doing too much early and too little late. Or too little early and too much late.

The path to success is not hard if organizationally you are prepared for the what and how of the migration. Every migration starts out with an incredible promise a dream if you will. We could also call it a vision but let’s go with dream as it is a little bigger than a vision. That dream, we are going to enable more with the new solution, is awesome. You can do more with the new solution than you can with the old solution.

As an organization embarking on this new journey the first thing, you do to make that dream real is your plan. Plan for success! I learned many years ago that the easy way to plan was to start by assuming you were doing and going back and reviewing what you did right. Then writing the components of the vision, the things you want to do, and write that down as the dream. Once the dream was established, you would be able to move forward.

Look, the reality of big migrations is a pain. I won’t kid you. The failure rate of migrations isn’t any higher than one would expect. The problem isn’t failure, the problem is resolved. That is why I moved that vision to a dream. You see dreams are aspirational, which means in the strictest sense that when you are playing IT Jenga© based on that dream you will pay attention to the foundation needed for success.

I want to be a doctor. Therefore, what do I need to do?

You start with the things you need. For a good game of IT Jenga,© you need a base. That base needs to be able to both support the organization but also to allow the organization to grow. In the IT Jenga,© there is a variable coin you flip. Heads you end your turn. Tails you pick up a variable card. The variable card may be something like CIO discovers that she wants to have email on her phone add two additional IT Jenga© blocks to your IT structure. Effectively instead of the three you would normally do, you instead have to do five blocks. The coin flip occurs at the end of every single turn. You could, can and will have to plan up front for variables to make it past four turns.

Good luck! I hope you enjoy IT Jenga,©!


inventor IT Jenga©,