The Museum for devices that made it to the finish line, but sadly the finish line had moved.

Recently, when things have not worked as expected, I’ve been putting them back in the box and instead of selling them as I did for many years (I am kind of anti-eBay right now) I am saving them. I think I am going to create the first museum of IoT devices that never made it off the ground floor. Not failures because all of them were funded but projects that were interesting, just didn’t quite fulfill the dream. My museum will have several wings by the time I am done.

Wing number 1, the dream of 3d. Let’s throw VR in there as well. The number of VR solutions and additions would probably fill one wall of my museum. I chased VR for a long time. I was an early backer of the Oculus Rift system (it works and is very adaptable). We also added the Sony VR and a few others I won’t name. You’ll see the others in my museum. The Sony VR and Oculus you won’t see, we are using those! I will probably add a Microsoft Kinect on that wall as well. It was a very good idea that just wasn’t ready at the time it was shipped.

2Beyond VR and 3d will be the cameras. I love digital cameras anyway, so adding the ability to film underwater and in 4k plus add 360 degrees of imaging and you had me at the camera. Still, there are a lot of wannabes in the category. 360-degree imaging requires a mix of software and hardware, so the number of points of stress in the system is pretty high. So far Bubl remains the leader for both software and technology of the camera. Plus it just looks cool. But there are a couple of newcomers to the market that is pretty interesting. Camorra is one I find interesting. In part because their initial shipment includes an underwater case. Once boating season starts, I will try it and share the video on my YouTube channel.

Weather devices will, of course, be featured in my IoT museum. Remember this is a not a museum to shame those who didn’t quite get to done. It is more a conversation piece so that people understand the path taken, and the destination arrived at. It is not intended to make people or innovators feel bad just to show the inspiration! Based on that there are two types of weather device snow on the market that are interesting. I think the weather devices will be broken into two distinct categories. Those that push data to your mobile device, and those you connect to your computer. The power of each is pretty amazing, with the push to the mobile device market gaining a lot of share in the past two years. The issue, of course, with a push to your device systems is that they are an always on and b exposed to a hacker seizing control of the processing of the weather station and using it for something else. The stand alone, connect to your computer and share stations aren’t as vulnerable unless you leave them connected all the time. Plus, that always on, always connected weather station does chew up the bandwidth of your home network. It is time to create segment sin your home network!

3I think I would be a friendly museum owner and have everything on the ground floor. Perhaps a library on the second floor for those who still remember books. Or a mix of a bookstore, library and coffee shop on the second floor to mix two that were and one that is.

The name of my museum is going to be the “Swing, connect down the baseline, Foul Ball Museum.” For those not baseball fans it is a swing of the bat that connected with the ball but didn’t keep it on the field of play. In soccer it is like a shot on goal that hits the upright. Good shot, right direction just not quite the right placement of the ball.


The Museum of almost nearly there…