Cool Tech Wander project Issue 10

As we head down the cool tech post, I have a couple of projects that I think are amazing. First off, Popslate’s demise left me feeling frustrated. Particularly with the abrupt way, there was no communication, and then they went bankrupt and shut the doors of the company. It didn’t stop me from considering crowdfunding, but it did make me sad.

Then I found superscreen. Ok, so the whole screen as a service concept is one I am not going to let go of. There are times, however, when I need a bigger screen than my phone provides. In particular, in the reality of weather, you need to be able to see the entire screen of information. I am scrolling through the Kickstarter new projects when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a screen that replaces what Populate would have brought and more!

Good morning and meet my little friend, who isn’t so little Super Screen! They have this concept of wirelessly expanding the available screen size for my phone. So 1, I have a larger screen available. 2 I have a screen as a service device that lets me replace the things I was planning on PopSlate for. 3. I can now do other things with my phone that I haven’t in the past. I know I can download Kindle books to my iPhone. I have always used either a Kindle or an iPad for that, however. The screen of the phone is too small to read comfortably. Now, that is no longer the case. Plus these guys were funded in their first hour after launch! I am once again a really happy crowdfunding!

crowdfunding2The next Kickstarter project I am excited about is a little smaller market play. The product is called Snapmaker. Let me start off my cool tech wander here with a reality check. Once upon a time, I would have told you that everyone would have 3d printers in their home. Lately, I think that number remains smaller, in fact, 3d printers will remain with hobbyists for a long time. But this all metal 3d printer offers two things that are beyond amazing. First, off a high-quality 3d printer, which costs less than 1000 dollars is beyond amazing. Add to that the cost is less than 500 dollars and it is interesting. Now throw in a laser engraving module, and now we are talking a beyond fantastic product!

The next two are from Indiegogo. I know I wasn’t going to fun projects there anymore, but these two were well amazing! I had to fund them. In part, because they fit in an extended mad scientist plan of mine to slowly remove the need to get off the couch to control the world around me.

Our first project is TitanNote. A device designed to take notes for you automatically. It fitted my long quest for better, more useful and managed note taking. From the Livescribe Pens to notes on an iPad and every pen in between I have struggled to find the perfect match of the pen, paper and taking notes. I am not sure this is it, but as I said this one fits my path and trajectory!

The next campaign from Indiegogo is a home automation system called Hayo! It combines the reality of VR and the reality of home control. This means you can create VR buttons in your home, that you can use to interact with the room. All, while sitting, so it fits into my long term goal of exercising, and then when I am done, being relaxed on the couch. That also means not getting up. It, Hayo combines two trends, home automation, and virtual reality. Giving you a product that fits not only into improving your interaction experience but also helps you move into the virtual future!

holiday relaity for social mediaI will note, crowdfunding is a risk. If you take the plunge, then get over it. Gambling is where you bet on something that has an element of chance. Crowdfunding is gambling in the sense that you will never know if things are real. There is a risk here. So far I am at nearly 20% failure rate on Indiegogo (and about 9% on Kickstarter) with the IndieGoGo/IBM partnership I can only imagine the numbers decreasing and some creators moving to a new platform other than Indiegogo. It is a risk, and you have to be aware of that risk.

Don’t be that person.

You know who you are. You start off every post on the crowdfunding sites in one of two ways. You threaten the creator (give me a break), or you threaten to Sue.

Don’t be either of those “that person’s.”


Crowdfunding fan