Of What, and why, and finally how?

For the past few years, I have blogged every day (roughly ten years of blogging every day). In doing that I have missed a few days overall. But I have managed to amass more than 5000 total blogs. If I could all the places, I’ve posted to, roughly ten different blogging sites overall. I started out on the Windows Live blog (that was ported to WordPress when Windows Live shut down its blog spot). I will not say I am driven to blog, but I love to write, and it is the best possible mix for me.

There are however technology changes to the blogging process overall that have made the process easier for me. The first is the k8000 keyboard and mouse from Logitech. It allows me to lean back and relax as I type out my blog. Plus, it is rechargeable, so I don’t have to change the batteries. I cannot tell you how many times before, I would be typing along as my keyboard ran out of batteries, and I would sit there dumbfounded. Why is the keyboard not working? I know I wasted a few hours over the years trying to fix a problem that was just a new battery away from being solved.

3Another innovation that I leverage heavily is my desk chair. I have had some office chairs over the years. I realized last year that having a comfortable desk chair was the single most important thing I could do for my home office. So I got a great ergonomic office chair. It is comfortable and lets me put the keyboard in my lap and type like my hands are on fire. Although in thinking back to what I just wrote, would you type with hands that were on fire?

There are other innovations that I use all the time as well that are less technology and more comfort. My office now has a ceiling fan. In the past, I always had directional fans in my offices but never a ceiling fan until we moved to Maryland. Yes, I am stuck in the corner of the basement, mostly to keep the mess contained (Spluge it is called by those who relegate me to the cellar). Having a ceiling fan reduces the heat in the basement office by 5 or so degrees in the summer. That is a nice addition. I also have a fan that moves the air around and is useful. But that is only turned on the hottest days.

The last thing that isn’t technology but helps me considerably is routine. Now, after all these years I am used to writing every day. It is something I learned many years ago when adding the writing institute at Indiana University one summer. Write every day, don’t stop, just write. I always think, when I write something like that about the Carpenters song “Sing, sing a song.”

Consistency in writing every day has helped. The cool technology helps me as well. Having the ability to scan and convert all the old family pictures into digital files helps me. It is fun to be able to wander through all the many things that have happened over the years. The more you share, the more the universe returns to you!

It has grown beyond what I started with. To think 12 years ago now, in 2005 I was very frustrated with the customer service provided to my family by Vonage. I wrote about that a few times in those early posts, in fact, I think it dominated my first five posts overall. I have shared serial stories that went from day to day until they were finished. I have shared the poetry of Sandler Boggs. I have pulled the tendril of family memories since my father passed away. Scanning the nearly 40,000 slides and pictures he left me. We also converted the films of my grandfather, hours of the old film now digital video files that share our family history all the way back to the massive snowfall in Cambridge Wisconsin in 1946.

Sitting in my comfortable office chair, pounding on my second K8000 keyboard (I wore the keys off the first one!) and sharing my ideas with the world. I can say that there are many things I’ve shared now, that I wish I could rewrite and redo. Things that I have pushed out into the universe that I wish were a little better. Stories, which told me were of incredible beauty, but my retelling was of average beauty. Images I have shared that were taken by photographers that I cherish. Not always the greatest pictures overall but the greatest to me, for me. A path to being one with who I was, and who I am yet to be!


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