Cool Tech Wander Issue 9

Yesterday I was starting for the 200th time to clean a bit of my office. I am focused this time on organizing the chaos. So this week I started by removing all the hard drives that I have had connected but haven’t used in more than a year. In part, because I want to create drives for additional media backups and in part because, well, I need to clean my office.

The next thing is organizing cameras. I have a few that I will keep duplicate functionality for because they (the cameras) offer underwater filming. My goal this year is to explore more under the Chesapeake Bay than I did last year. So, underwater cameras add another level.

But I do want to declutter a little. One of the problems I have right now is we sold our old boat last year and bought a newer boat. That meant we had to take the stuff off the old boat and move it to the new boat. But we only had time to move about ½ the things. What that resulted in is additional material both in our garage and in our basement utility/furnace room. I need to get that stuff out and to the boat so that I can understand exactly what I need to clean.

We also decided to not return to Port Annapolis this year (they raised their rates way higher than anyone else in the area), so we are also looking for a new marina! There are a couple we are considering will report back on those when it is closer to boating season.

One of my saddest things this year was we got a monster snow blower. We took it out, started it and haven’t used it all year. The storm we had last week wasn’t worth firing up the mean machine; the boys had the driveway cleared in less than 40 minutes.

I guess we will move it to the back of the garage and figure out what else we can do to reduce the clutter in the garage. Some of the stuff is used once a year on the boat stuff, so I think most of that will be stacked neatly in the garage. I am also thinking about taking the kayak to the vessel this year. We don’t use it around the house, might as well get some use for it. Perhaps we could tow the kids behind the boat in the Kayak!

20170314_082728000_iOSWhen I look back over what I have just written, this morning, two things come to mind, and neither is submit this text for a Pulitzer. The first is that cleaning my office is hardly fitting for a technology post. The second is the old George Carlin routine about stuff. You buy a bigger house so you can fit all your stuff into the house!

(I love the light sin the windows).

On the cool tech front, some interesting things are flying around that offering a new interaction system for you and your computer. SingleCue, Myo are both motion systems that allow you to interact with your computer via motion. Myo works well. SingleCue is a little harder to setup, but it has some interesting IoT integration capabilities!

Another cool tech thing to consider is the eight-bed cover. Eight allows you to track your sleep, but it also allows you to heat one side of your bed or both sides. In our house there is someone that is always cold, so that side of the bed is warm. The other person doesn’t like to wake up sweating, so that side of the bed is cooler. So far it has worked well. The software continues to improve as well.

So motion systems and sleep systems are today’s cool tech. Motion, while you are sleeping, is something that eight will rate you on. If you move too much, your sleep isn’t as good. I keep looking at the tosses and turns graph, and it made me realize why I felt tired all last week. I did not have a good week of sleep. Next step is figuring what-what I can do to fix the problem.

Motion sensors also, by the way, include the LEAP system. All three are available now. Myo attaches to your forearm. Leap sits in front of you on a flat surface. SingleCue uses a Kinect-like device that has an integrated camera to see what you are motioning!

Onward and upward! Time to figure out how to sleep better.


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