Cool Tech Wander project Issue 9

First off, as an ardent, or avid crowdfunding advocate it is always sad when an idea bursts onto the scene and then dies. Popslate2, the recreation of the PopSlate product for the new iPhones met a double end yesterday. Not just that they would never be shipping the product, but the company was forced into bankruptcy. The information saddens me. It is part of the crowdfunding process, however, and you move on.

20170225_130808000_iOSI think the concept and idea of PopSlate is one that may have come and passed. There are many entrants in the field, but smart watches seem to be moving past all of the secondary screen offerings now. I may be wrong (I kind of hope I am), but that is what seems what now.

The fickle finger of fate sometimes points earlier than you expect. Or worse, it points right at you directly and what do you do then? You cannot hide from the fickle finger, that is in fact fate. It will find you no matter where you hide.

Indiegogo had problems before the recent deal with IBM. Popslate2 was another project from IG that not only failed to deliver but ultimately went out of business. I tried to help IG over a year ago with a better model of how they could do projects; they rejected the idea. Now, they struggle. I have 21 projects now that haven’t delivered and are more than five months late. That isn’t a good record. Plus add one to it is never going to be provided (that makes three, one announced and two where the creators just disappeared with the money.

How many backup copies of family photos do you have at home right now? How many are in the cloud? I know I have recommended Carbonite sometimes, it is a fantastic product that I am euphoric with overall. The reason I am pointing this one out again is that frankly, far too many people struggle with not having backups of critical files.

At least two copies of your digital files at home and at least one copy in the cloud is my recommendation. Overall more is better. One of the things I realized the other day is that I have a few old drives that are slow. I was going to donate them to Goodwill when I realized, I could just copy pictures to them, and then put the drives in a safe place. Make sure if you are following this recommendation that you put a post it on your drive (tape it on) that notes the day you backed up your pictures to it. That way you have a rotating safe copy of your family history at home.

As I wander all the old pictures, we’ve scanned and the old video we’ve converted, I am reminded of why I thought PopSlate was a great idea. A second always on screen would be extremely valuable, at the very least in reducing the churn on the batteries as I use my phone. One of the things that often happens for me is the reality of running out of battery because my iPhone is always on.

I know it is applications I have on my phone that are notifying me, that chew my battery. My iPad lasts four, five or six days between charges. So I know it is all the notifications I get. But in the almost-nearly information age, you need the information. I am willing to last 5 hours or so on a charge (or 10 hours if I carry my add-on battery pack). The information I get is critical.

That said, I could turn off a few of the notifications I suspect, and still get what I need. I have cut down on a few already (I turned off ESPN notifications). I do want to know the various other warnings. Canary lets me know about movement inside the house (99.9% of the time just the dogs, but you can never be too sure or too safe!). Control4 lets me know about activities outside the house (again, normally people walking by the front of our house). Skybell, recently upgraded to the HD version notifies me of people at the front door, both visually and with an audible ringing on my phone! That way I can see who is there, without going to the door!

Overall the future of moving from the pre to the post information age period will be the ability for the device to handle the information flow without chewing up your battery. Personally, I thought to PopSlate had the right idea, so I am sorry they didn’t make it.


Cool Tech Wanderer