Cool Tech Wander–home automation and a sad day for Old IU.

I can honestly say that I have personally changed over the years. I used to, as a teenager and young adult stay out late and sleep in on most days. That evolved to only doing that on weekends and then eventually due to work and other pressures only doing it on really rare occasions.

One of the things that from time to time pops into my head is an idea to make something I do easier. Lately, I have been focusing on the concept of home automation. I have talked a lot about the various components of integration. Right now, the biggest integration system in my house is me. Knowing which application and device controls which device using an application. Most of the control is now moved to my cellular phone, but it is still more than one application. Control4 is the most comprehensive of the applications in the house, now, mixing hardware and software to produce a unified presence for some aspects of automation.

Still, I would like to have more integration overall. One that lets me create a simple home automation framework that is displayed on a single application on my phone. That way I don’t have to figure out what the next steps are for the notification I am receiving. It is right there in front of me.

boat2The mesh concept is not new. It is something that rose in enterprise solutions right before cloud grabbed ahold of the market refusing to let go. Mesh was a network designed to be resilient, in that any device could communicate out, or all the devices could communicate through one device. It was a resilient and redundant concept that allowed for great flexibility in delivering secure, robust COOP processes. Cloud pushed that idea to the side replacing it with the concept of zones (there are multiple zones in a region, there are multiple regions in a country, there are multiple countries in the world and so on). But for IoT, and home automation in particular within the IoT sphere, there remains a need for the mesh concept.

It is something I have thought about taking to Kickstarter. I haven’t as of yet, but I have thought about it again and again. I just need to find the right path forward! I want to start my Kickstarter campaign I am just out of time to get it done now.

As we head into spring, hard to tell it nearly springs with all the snow on the ground but it is nearly spring (just a few days)! There are a few spring flowers that spring into being that is interesting as far as technologies. I will be covering my thoughts on those items over the next few weeks. It is funny when I think about technologies popping up like spring flowers. Many do effectively appear from what seems to be something else.

Others disappear because the ground is far too hard. I worry that in the world of crowdfunding the ground is getting harder.

On a last and more personal note. Yesterday Indiana University, my alma mater, and the source of some of the greatest sports moments of my life (The last undefeated men’s college basketball team at 32—0 in 1976!) fire Head Basketball Coach Tom Crean. The news made me somber. First off, I am saddened because once again the need to win, outweighs the right thing to do. The purpose of athletes in college is to attend and get their degree. The reality is that sports are big business now for universities. Bowl Games and deep NCAA runs mean lots of money for the school. That means that you have to be winning. Not graduating young adults into the workforce, trained, prepared and ready to make the world a better place. It means you have to be willing to put aside your principles for money. Personally, I applaud Coach Crean. He was ready to stand by his principles. I am sorry that IU was unable to see the value in having a coach you could simply say, was honest, doing the right things and still winning. He came to IU when the university, not Coach Crean was under a cloud of doubt. He restored the luster to the program. I am sorry they decided to part ways with Coach Crean. Like Coach Knight, CTC will be a coach in my heart forever!

Coach Crean, I wish you luck and know whatever team you go to, you have at least one IU fan that will root for your team!


A little somber, a little sad…