Cool Tech Wander project Issue 8

I have wandered a technology path for many years. On that path, I have seen many failures. It doesn’t make me sad, although some of them do make me smile. I thought when I got the item that it was the one thing that would change the game. The thing is, the game evolves so slowly and so fast at the same time sometimes the ticket you have is the wrong stadium.

Not, that I haven’t stubbornly clung to technologies that missed the mark. Sitting in my seats right behind the home goal, or the home basket cheering as no long attempted a shot on goal. No one pulled up and launched a 3 pointer. The stadium was empty because I had picked the wrong technology. If, and by if, I mean possibly, I hadn’t picked the wrong idea I would have been watching the real game. I would have been in a crowd of people.

Eagle TraceThe iPhone was the first big tech I missed. I didn’t miss the smartphone revolution; I was carrying a PPC phone and then later a windows phone. But I missed what was to be the expansion of the smartphone, bite-sized applications. I started there far too late. I was locked into the reality of what the windows phone was selling. I didn’t even notice that the stadium, once full was emptying around me. I could have moved forward; possibly even sat courtside to watch a game no one was playing anymore.

I was ahead of the game in home automation, and still am in the right stadium for that technology. But I have seen the light thanks to the empty Windows Phone stadium. I am and continue to expand the automation capabilities within my home. I pay attention to the protocols and understand the reality of what is happening around me.

AR/VR is a stadium I am in that is filling up around me right now. My metaphor for missing the boat also fits for being ahead of the game. It is ok to arrive at the Stadium early and tailgate as we call it in the US (where you hang out in the parking lot before a game and socialize, grill and enjoy the day.) Now, those that read these posts know that I am tailgating early at some stadiums at once now. Not that I have addicted to tailgating mind you, but that I am interested in the potential of the various markets.

The integration layer for IoT solutions is cloud computing, which is something I grew into over the past few years. I focus on the concepts that lead you to the cloud, so IoT became a passion of mine a little more than two years ago, That IoT stadium is still filling, although faster than any other stadium I have ever had the pleasure to sit in. I suspect at the current rate we will end up with 9 or 10 devices stacked up with each person in the stadium.

What most people don’t think about are the things I worry about. For example, the recent DDoS attack on the DYN DNS service is one that ultimately was fostered by a security problem. The problem is the reality of IoT devices. They, IoT devices are small connected devices. They, the IoT devices, don’t have a huge security presence. While I understand that safety is an overall problem for Internet-connected devices, IoT devices when meshed together creates a risk that we will encounter as we fill the stadium. One that we probably need to fix fairly soon.

Another growing area is that of smartphone connection. GoTenna and Beartooth are two devices in this space. There are also adds on for the new Motorola phone that does the same things. Although the Motorola add on is more of a product built around adding actual family or HAM radio functionality to your cell phone where GoTenna and Beartooth are mesh antennas that enable push to talk even when there is no cellular network around. Two of the devices (either one) will, in fact, give you a ten-mile range for the push to talk functionality using their software and their antenna. That feature greatly increases as more and more people wander around with additional GoTeena or Beartooth devices.

Now, the Beartooth and GoTenna world, as well as the add-ons for the Motorola phone, aren’t even officially tailgating yet. We are more sitting in our living rooms making sure we have our foam fingers packed and are still getting ready. But that is going to be one of the best future tailgating events, ever!!!!!


Cool Tech Wanderer