Cool Tech Wander Project Catch-Up for March 2017

“Ilackasourcism” is a term I coined while teaching a class more than ten years ago now. It sadly is something that I suspect the social media sites wish they had implemented all those years ago now. It was intended then as a joke. It isn’t a joke anymore, and it makes me nervous.

109A8711The concept of fake news fits with the modern world of social media far too well. I am not going to spend any time on the topic today other than mentioning that it makes me sad. That means it is best not to think about the phrase I created and the reality that makes me think about it!

Yesterday was a fun and busy day starting early in the am and wandering through Lunch! Over the weekend I had written my predictions for cloud futures and posted that on CloudTweaks. You can find that article here. I also ended up posting two different podcasts that were also recorded on Sunday! It was a busy weekend. I have posted 190 podcasts now which seems strange. I remember the first one as if it were yesterday. I did not post a Fred and Ed story although I do have one in the works. It takes me a couple of months to create new Fred and Ed content.

(for those pondering Fred and Ed, many years ago when I was a school teacher I used to tell the students in my class stories about twins I called Fred and Ed. Then, life intervened, I left teaching and ended up having twins with my wife).

I started a new thing posting time-lapse videos of the weather thanks to the Bloomsky, Sky system. I call it yesterday’s weather, today. So far, predicting and sharing yesterday’s weather I can correctly predict what did happen 100% of the time. Do you need to know yesterday’s weather? If so my new Yesterday’s Weather channel is just what you need! Time-Lapse video of yesterday’s weather that is always right!

We ended up having a fire going all day yesterday because it was cold. I suspect we will have one going tonight as well. The beautiful thing about a fireplace wood stove insert is that it heats the house nicely. The boys didn’t have school, so we all relaxed, then they happily volunteered to shovel snow off the driveway and sidewalks (ok they were told to, but volunteer sounded so much nicer).

109A8484I played around the G-Suite application set over the weekend. I have had an Office 365 account now for a long time. In part to stay abreast of the changes but also to continue expanding my understanding. I decided to try the Google enterprise solution for myself.

My overall impression (have used the service about four years ago as well) is that they have done a good job moving forward and improving. Of the two, there are things that remain easier to configure and setup in Office 365 that show its enterprise roots that aren’t there in GSuite. But overall the product has improved significantly. The cost is a little higher for O365 as well overall.

I used to play the news on the TV in my office, just as background noise, but then to distract me when needed. I no longer do that, now I am listening to music provided by Alexa, the Amazon Echo. It is less stressful in the afternoon to hear relaxing music than to listen to the news. Hence my reposting again, of my ILACKASOURCISM word of the day.

On LinkedIn, I posted an article that was interesting on the ten things I used to carry that are now, well five things and I could frankly get away with only carrying two things. It is funny to me, now that I think about it, there was a time I always left my suitcase 75% packed other than close and toiletries in our closet. Why unpack when I was back on the road first thing Monday morning?

That concludes this month’s wrap up of things I’ve posted. It has been a busy month so far. Next month (April) will once again begin the posts about wandering the Chesapeake Bay! Yes, boating season is nigh upon us once the bloody snow is gone.


our boat is sitting at a dock near the bay. Sorry Otis…