There are times when I just wonder…

The US Solar Power installations for 2016 were nearly double what they were in 2015. Rising from a little over 7500 to nearly 14500. I would like to applaud this growth and say wow. But there are more than 100,000 million homes in the US, the drop in the bucket is a joke. Plus, the current sitting secretary of the EPA announced on Television that he doesn’t believe CO2 is causing global warming. The good news is the administration is no longer saying climate change doesn’t exist, now they are back to the even more misinformed, big oil sponsored “it is not Co2 causing the problem.” If there were even a single reputable scientist in the world agreeing with them, I would accept this as potentially true. No reputable scientist will get anywhere near that statement. It worries me that the US government is so heavily influenced by big oil. I still argue that every country in the world needs a build more than ten stories up or more than ¼ of a block wide, you HAVE TO INSTALL Solar. I promised myself I wouldn’t spend an entire blog on a political rant anymore so this is it.

Micro-Grids, which is the next phase of solar power, are coming. That allows a producer to push power back up the pipe to the larger distribution channel. Over time it will become a problem for power companies as more and more customer’s produce more power than they use. Add to this the new batteries from Tesla (they own Solar City), and someday power companies will only be there as a 9.99 a month feature you have to have just in case.

I think it is only fair that if people don’t believe in climate change, they should live near the ocean in a lowlands area. You know, put your money where your mouth is. For those who don’t believe that Co2 is causing the changes in climate, then they have to produce the evidence of what is. I know for example that some people believe the methane in cow farts is to blame. There aren’t that many cows to change the global climate with flatulence, but we can certainly push for better cow diets. Enough.

In the recent weeks, I have begun cleaning my office; it is an annual rite of passage. This year I am seriously considering reducing my drone footprint. I have two right now with two on order. I think it might be time to get rid of a couple of drones. I mostly use them for personal projects, and they do take up a lot of space in my basement.

My goal is to be able to see my entire desk in my office. I am not going to say which one (I have three right now) but one of them is going to be visible by the end of this month. I decided this year I am not going to berate myself for not cleaning my office. Instead, I am going to focus on the more positive cleaning part of my room, instead!

The other thing I have promised myself is to reduce the number of cameras I own. I am keeping my father’s old SLR’s. They have value to me that wouldn’t translate to another person, and he left them to me, so they stay. But I have some digital cameras, and frankly, I don’t use all of them. I need to come to grips with letting go of stuff I don’t use. That said I am going to take time tomorrow (March 12, 2017) to evaluate what I don’t use and then getting it posted on eBay. I need to cut the cord of want versus need.

Plus, if I get my ping pong table clear we can play ping pong again.

One of the things that my father used to tell me is having two valid sources. It was important to him, as scientists that I do not go off on a tangent without sources. I tell my daughter and sons that all the time. Have two sources before you make a decision. Often, that will change the argument into a less negative conversation. Why? Because there often isn’t a second source. Other than the current Secretary of the EPA speaking on television there isn’t another source that is valid that say’s Co2 isn’t’ the case of Climate Change. (some scientists are working for a think tank that is wholly funded by two oil companies that say that, but comes on. Seriously that isn’t a valid source).

I used to call this ILACKASOURCEISM. Posted that on Wikipedia but they pulled it (as they should, there aren’t two valid sources for my creation)!


sometimes you just have to wonder…