Cool Tech Wander project issue 7 (it really is issue 7 this time)…

I can honestly say that there are some technology items I use all day every day and don’t even think about them. I know, at one time they were new and cool tech devices that I have to know pulled into my daily universe and have forgotten them.

Let’s see what we can find in that world, now! First off there is the wonderful Sonos System. I installed the original soundbar and other speakers in my media room (the only reason it is a media room is the previous owner had a stage in the basement. I made the stage into a DVD and Blu-Ray storage area!). The Sonos system fills the entire room with glorious sound. So we connected every audio device we had and then via Control4 made it shareable within the Sonos system. We added a second Soundbar in the upstairs family room area, it has the wood stove and is nice and toasty warm for long winters movie viewing. The coolest thing we added to the mix of Control4 and Sonos is the ability to play records or other audio like CDs from one location (media room) to the whole house. It reduces the number of devices we have to have in the house as a whole. I just wish Sonos, hadn’t cut out some of the cool functionality control4 offered in version 7 of their software. IT reduces overall some of the capabilities and forces you to use their software more. While I understand the need to increase usage of their software, it is short-sighted in my opinion.

3Another tool that I have and integrated into my use every day and don’t think about it cool tech is the wireless Logitech Keyboard I use. I have the k800 wireless keyboard and the Performance MX mouse. They are both rechargeable devices; I get tired of swapping out old batteries when I forget to turn the keyboard and mouse off. I have been using the two in combination writing my blog now for more than two years. I don’t think about how good the keyboard or mouse is. I just sit at my desk and use them every day!

The other device I use constantly is two devices. It is also from Logitech and is the cc3000e conference system. The system includes an HD camera, plus a speakerphone that works with the major VoIP providers (I’ve used it with Skype, Skype Professional, Uber Conference, WebEx and a few others) and it works with all of them. It connects via the computer with a USB connection. The speaker phone has multiple microphones and is a very effective device when you are connecting on a web meeting. The camera is amazing and provides a wide view of the space you have it in. I have it mounted high in my office, so it is a little startling when people first converse with me via Video calls. They are used to cameras that are actually at eye level or looking slightly up, not cameras that are looking down.

All of these devices are ones I use every day. I don’t mention them enough, but they are how I get my cool tech blogs over the finish line. Funny but sometimes tech creeps into our lives, and we don’t realize it until it beeps, needs new batteries or dies. Until one day we sit still at our desks and remember that once was or what could have been. Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Today is the present, so open the present and move on!

Somethings I don’t think about, cool tech items that I consider only because they have become alternative storage areas for stuff in my office. I should blame the devices for easily holding stuff I don’t want to deal with, but the reality is the problem is mien, not the devices. There are many things over the years you collect that you can release back into the wild. There are things you can’t. Good scanners are always needed, you never know when you will run into a cache of old pictures you want to scan. Or when you need to copy a physical document and store it for later reuse or reference. The scanner stays, plus I am in love with scanning and the concept of scanners, so I have too many of them in my office. They are old friends from the past, and I can’t let them free. It is the reality of digital cameras, yes my phone takes OK pictures, but the digital camera always takes perfect pictures. The quality issue of cellular pictures means I have a digital camera with me! I just am a camera addict and have far too many digital, film and other cameras in my house!

This is not a cool tech Scott is going to clean his office blog. This is a cool tech thank you to Sonos (except for your current version of the software) for filling my house with music. It is a thank you to Logitech for enabling my cool tech posts with an excellent keyboard and mouse! Plus enabling conference calls with a fantastic conferencing system!


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