Cool Tech Wander project issue 5

As we wander into March 2017, I find myself hitting some of my goals and missing one. Now, sadly as I have noted now for more than ten years on this blog and other blog posts, the one I keep missing is cleaning my office. I did do some organization over the past few days, though. Mostly I have been moving stuff from my office to the ping pong table in the other room. I am however hitting two of my goals at a good clip. Average 30 flights of stairs per day and 15,000 or more steps per day.

I know overall that I should set more goals, but I also know that I like being able to have goals that are possible and yet, a stretch. I don’t like to have goals I know I can’t reach. It is the measure of what I can do that I am looking for. Rather than worrying about can I make a goal. Cleaning my office is a traditional overreach stretch goal. I know I won’t, but I keep trying!

Over the years I have always been interested in the concept of moving from analog to digital. The more we consider the analog world around us, it becomes interesting moving that to digital. The rise of VR cameras becomes more and more interesting at that point.

20170306_112805730_iOSFor years I was a huge fan of scanners. Hand help, small and big, I had a variety. I still do, but mostly because of flexibility now. I have a handheld scanner that is really interesting. The one that I’ve been playing with quite a bit lately is Docuda. Connected to my PC or on its own the product can scan words Which by the way is what you expect from a scanner, but this one doesn’t care what language you are scanning, it translated text to the language you are reading. Automatically! That alone makes it interesting, it is small enough to fit in your pocket and provides you with access, via the computer to conversions for many languages. It isn’t the universal translator of Star Trek, but if you need to convert text to another language quickly, it is useful! Sometimes, when you back crowdfunding campaigns, the language barrier is one you need to knock down, fast!

There is another scanner that was an interesting edition that being the CMOAR scanner. This scanner is designed specifically to scan books. I have used it a couple of my books as a test case. I was more interested in seeing what it could do with some of my older books from a long time ago. They aren’t books; more hand wrote poems that I created and collected many years ago. The system was pretty solid in the scanning of my old handwriting. Sadly, back in the day, my spelling and grammar were a lot worse, so I won’t be sharing those old poems.

I tend to retire technology when it no longer achieves the original goal. That sometimes means Goodwill gets a visit, and sometimes I list things on eBay. I am not as big a fan of eBay as I was four years or more ago. Frankly, their customer service has gone downhill, and their cost of selling on the site has gone through the roof. I am happy to pay extra to get good customer service. I am not happy to pay extra and get horrible customer service. Seriously, that is the worst possible combination, expensive and crappy customer service.

All of this is the reality of cool tech. You find that things have a ½ life, and in that ½ life, you either need them or no longer need them. I have 300 albums that I am slowly taking from LP to digital. I would like to move faster, but I am slow. That and it takes 20 minutes per LP to record them. I still have a record player connected to my home stereo. As much to continue listening to anything else. I love the sound of an LP. It sounds more robust, more full and less well cold and digital than a CD or MP3 file.

Last cool tech piece today is correcting an error from yesterday. I posted a cool tech wanderings post yesterday as Issue 6, that one was supposed to be issue 5. So this one today, is issue 5, even though it is actually the sixth in the series!


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