Cool Tech Wander project issue 4

There are some technologies that I use everyday that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. There are things I often use, things I use from time to time and things I have, that I use infrequently, but I have them because it is so inconvenient not to have them when you need to use them!

The concept presented, inconveniently is pretty important. One of the reasons why I have a plotter that I use once a month or less is because to go to a place that has one, plot what I am trying to do and then head home (2 to 3 hours) means that the savings (2 hours a month) results in me saving 1400 dollars or more per year in lost time. If we take the approach of hard cost removal, which is a more traditional accounting model, than it saves me 10 to 20 dollars in fees per month plus reduced gas costs per month still adds up to 300 or so bucks per year. Still making it cheaper to own one than drive to one.

20170225_130808000_iOSThere are some cool tech things that provide the cost savings feature. Where it costs me less to have and use them at home. There are some that you have to use remotely because it makes a better solution. Carbonite, the external internet based backup solution is such a solution. In having a not-location based backup, you are not at risk for losing all your family memories if your house burns down. Yes, it is painful to lose your house, but it hurts more to lose all the family memories as well. So you can reduce the risk and pain by a little.

Some of the things I think are convenient to have, other people would say aren’t. That is fair; my evaluation comes from what I like to know and use. So for me, things like Bloomsky weather aren’t just nice to have. The case, in my eyes, for Micro-Weather stations is pretty large. Currently, on my Bloomsky application, I have multiple locations, my house, my city, and Annapolis. Two of the three are Bloomsky live feeds, so that makes them that much cooler! One is the NWS feed, but no matter what you are doing you have to have the NWS feed. Small craft warnings are something to heed if you are a boater!

If I were, to be honest, there are a couple of things I frequently use that were bought to reduce the clutter in my office, but in fact, they are adding to the clutter rather than reducing it. I have a wonderful Epson document scanner and the wonderful pro service Epson flatbed scanner for pictures and slides. I can honestly say I don’t have the pictures or slides stacked in my office; they are in storage. But the reality is that I had them for a time stacked in the common areas, so I did reduce clutter a bit.

Not as much s, I would have liked to, but a bit! The Epson document scanner has also allowed me to scan a large number of records I was keeping as tax records. It means that I only have last years tax information available via paper at any one time. It reduces the amount of paper in my office. But most of that was hidden in drawers, and file folders so while there is less clutter, there is still visible clutter that hasn’t been reduced!

What I need is a maid, like in the Neil Young Song, “A man needs a maid” someone to come clean and then go away. Our current cleaning crew is terrified of my office, and in fairness, they probably should be. It is hard to tell where the clutter ends and the office begins.

I will in fairness end today’s technology cool tech wandering with a provision. I may have too many cameras. I currently have four cameras (2 Olympus one point and shoot, one video, one JVC video and my Canon 5ds). I use all the cameras often and post from all of them to various places (my blogs and YouTube) other than the JVC. I have the JVC because it captures slow motion video. That was before I had the Canon 5ds and the iPhone 6 both of which capture slow motion video and I end up using those and not the JVC. I guess, since we have had a video camera in our house for more than 20 years it is hard to let go of video cameras.

So to end, I do understand that things I think are cool tech are things that are cool to me. I apologize if you find my cool tech posts less than useful!


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