Cool Tech wanderings, and well it is just RUDE.

I posted the last video of last month today on the first day of this month. I enjoy posting my time-lapse video footage of yesterday’s weather. Micro-weather, much like the Microgrid Concept in power production, is an intriguing new way to present weather data. The core driving idea being the delivery of data specific to one location, sharing that information to produce a map of what is happening in a single geography.

On the cool tech front, the new Myo armbands are available. Myo is a system that integrates motion with your computer, by you wearing an armband. The band allows you to make simple gestures, and since gestures move your hands, the muscles in your arms contract and the band senses those and pushes the information to your computer.

Motion systems are improving. There is some system you can consider. There is the Tobii system which focuses on eye movement. There is SingleCue, Myo and Leap that focus on your hands, either moving your hands and the band detects them (Myo) or moving your hands, and the motion sensor detects them (SingleCue and Leap). Gestures, like voice command, are great tools to add to your systems. They are, however, like voice control bound more to spaces where you are not with other people. Gesturing wildly while presenting isn’t optimal. Myo gives you the opportunity to gesture with your hand only, so they are less noticeable. Voice commands still won’t work on a crowded train.

The extension of what was input continues to be amazing. In the best sense of the data you can get, now you control the device it is delivered to, and how you interact with that data. Want to know what the weather is at your house? Micro-Weather gives you that capability. From the cool tech perspective, both NetATMO and Bloomsky have excellent products in the space.

Motion sensors and voice control remain growing areas. The connectivity you have with the devices you carry becomes critical as we go forward. Again, you won’t use a device that requires large gestures like Leap or SingleCue as part of a presentation (look, mom, that man speaking is waving his arms around like crazy. Yes he is dear, let’s cross to the other side of the street). You won’t on a crowded subway talk to your phone, well you can, but people are going to think you are rude. Listening to a training call while riding the train, ok, talking while on a crowded train not so much. Just the sheer annoyance of people saying “you talking to me?” all the time should be enough for most people (it isn’t, but that is a different issue altogether).

alexaAnother reason you shouldn’t be conversing via a Bluetooth system or gesturing with a Bluetooth system in a crowded area is the reality of bluejacking. If someone controls your device, that controls your input and output, the hacker then controls what you can do. Bluejacking is the hijacking of a device by capturing the Bluetooth connected device. That device that you connect has rights on your device, so in seizing control of the device, the Bluejacker now has control of your device. That is why you never wear a Bluetooth headset on a crowded train. You are just asking a hacker to bluejack your phone. Sure you can ride the train 200 times and not have it happen. But it only takes some time, for your phone to be forever compromised. Well compromised until you reset everything.

That and it is just rude. Seriously on a crowded train what could be so important that you have to talk? Yes, if you have a family emergency you should, by all means, talk on the phone, then get off at the next stop and head back home! The reality of the world today is the reality of the new world of manners. What was once considered rude is now actually nearly condoned. If I am talking to you and you pull your phone out of your pocket, I am going to stop talking. Why? Obviously what I have to say isn’t as important as the last unknown text or phone message you just got. If what I have to say isn’t as important as what you got (unknown) on your phone or tablet, then I don’t need to continue wasting your time talking.

You just better hope I am not higher up in your management chain than you are.