Upcoming cook tech projects I am excited about!

20150805_001827102_iOSWhat three things that are coming in the next say three months are things I am excited about? It is a question I am often asked. Sometimes by technologist that are interested, other times by those who wish to become technologists.

The first thing is coming this week. It is the Storm portion of the Bloomsky system. This is the wind direction, rain amounts, and wind speed add-on. I can’t wait to get it out and deployed. Yes, I am a weather geek. I can’t help it. Most of my posts on YouTube this month are time-lapse weather video. The Storm adds many additional readings so again, something I am looking forward to in the near term.

Another component or interesting tool I am looking forward to in the near term are two robotic assistants that will hopefully be arriving in the next 2-4 months. That being Jibo and Keecker. Now Keecker is more of a multi-media interactive device (homepod) where Jibo is more of a stay in one place and interacts with people device. Keecker includes a built-in speaker and a built-in projector. Both of these devices are exciting as far as what can be done in the robotics field. Keecker offers the broad concept of the Screen as a Service. Jibo is a tool built to help connect people. One of the things I missed when I was traveling was the ability o see my family’s faces from time to time. These new social robots help a bit with that.

20150612_200506000_iOSWith boating season soon here (less than 35 days in fact!) there are some things coming in the technology and boating space that are interesting but I think given time and distance I will bring all of that together into a separate post. I have quite a few things that both interest me and excite me as we head into the brave new world of a new boating season.

I am waiting for two underwater ROV’s that are coming later this spring. The OpenROV Trident (I previously had an OpenROV product, it was incredible) is a exciting underwater exploration tool. I am excited about the new version. The second underwater ROV that is also hopefully shipping this spring is the Fathom One. First off, both are exciting. I am looking forward to being able to explore what is under our boat. Or what is in the Cheseapke bay without having to get into the water. I love being in or on the water, but it is fun to know what is there, first.

So these are the cool tech projects I am waiting for this spring. Now if we can just hold the overall good weather until say June things will be perfect. I was kind of hoping to photograph some snow (got a little bit in the time-lapse of two days ago), but I’ve since decided that seeing blue skies and temperatures well above freezing is one benefit of global warming I can live with.

Time to get rolling!

(images today courtesy of my cellular collection)