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20170216_103050231_iOSI have some friends (and I probably should consider this as well) that are downsizing. The concept of moving from larger to smaller. Taking the big buckets of stuff and moving what you need to a smaller bucket and getting rid of the bucket. You know, downsizing!

One of the interesting realities of downsizing is the computer. Octel, a company that is based in the Netherlands, has downsized the PC to pocket sized. Now unlike the PocketPC of old, which included an integrated screen, this is just CPU, memory and storage in a small box. It is about the same size as the pocket PC phones of old. The Sirius-B series is a little smaller than some of the old PPC phones.

Why would you move to such a small computer? Well first off unlike the desktop computers or laptops that we lug around, this fits in a shirt pocket. Without issue in fact. As you can see from the shared pictures, it is quite small and easily held in your hand or your pocket.

From a presentation perspective, it is easier and in the long run safer than carrying a USB key with you. Now you have your whole computer in your pocket! This system like the Bloomsky weather that I post time-lapse videos from on my YouTube channel is one of those cool tech things that if you are in the market is well perfect! The product is small, wisely has its heat sync on the side (that way you can lay a little drive on top of it) and is easy to use! I had my Windows 10 home up and running in about 6 minutes.

All things being relative, you could, in fact, replace a PC with the Sirius-B from Octel quite quickly. I am running Open Office on my version and able to connect it to my network, easily interact with my various devices (ok I have quite a few devices on my network). I wouldn’t most likely load a full copy of MS Office onto the device today, but that is more because I just don’t have that much storage. It is a great tool though for quickly connecting to and checking something on the internet or if you need a computer that is instantly on! Also, it is small enough that I can put it right on top my monitor in my office. A great Cool Tech addition if you are looking to downsize.

Two more Cool Tech updates today. The first is my update on the Apple iWatch. I like the fit and finish of the iWatch. I can honestly say that like Dick Tracey I do take occasional phone calls on my watch. Mostly when I am charging my iPhone, and it is in the other room. Or when I am well, just geeking out. I cannot wait for the upcoming CMRA product. That is a watch band that connects to your iWatch and lets you suddenly have Facetime Video calls with people from your watch! Smart Watches are a personal quest, so this is fun!

20170216_103059546_iOSThe number of 360-degree cameras on the market is increasing as well. I have played with several of them so far. Bubl remains the top product so far, but there are any number of devices that are appearing and quite easy to use. The newest option is the concept o go cameras, such as what the Go-Hero’s offer. But these new 360 cameras offer it with an interesting twist. I can’t wait to see what they can do underwater.

All of that said it is also interesting what other features are offered in 360-degree cameras. Most of the cameras today are smaller; some are offering exciting mounting systems, or interesting storage solutions for the images. One that I have been playing with a lot lately is the Vyu 360. They ship some interesting case, and mount adapters including a waterproof case for the camera, my only complaint is it doesn’t have a fishing line eye hole. That would make it ten times cooler

I suspect that there is a camera that will ship that includes an eye hook and a waterproof case. That way you can lower it into the water.

(this is just lowering it two-three feet into the water there are ROV’s coming that will let you explore 100 to 200 feet below you).

Ah to live in interesting times!


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