Of slide rules and rebuilding our economy to better fit tomorrow…

20150201_211513386_iOS20140214_113820000_iOSIn the past I have talked about the circular slide rule my father gave in many years ago. I loved that slide rule. I learned more was possible from that slide rule. But my love, my skills in technology were more intuitive; I just understood technology. I used to have the VCR in our house set to the proper time. I used an acoustic coupler modem for almost a year. 300 baud modems taught you to wait.

That slow Internet I experienced all those years ago showed me some things, including verifying it isn’t a long distance number (that one cost me 200 bucks one time). But also it taught me about speed. Indeed I, like many technologies who started in the days before cable models and DSL, chased faster and better modems. US Robotics and Hayes were the big modem companies. We wandered from 300 baud to 1200 baud. Then we got the new 9600 baud models, then 14.4. We could also use that same modem as a fax machine.

I got into the world of computer BBS systems at that point. Playing with two, Hermes and then First Class. While these were the early Internet, before the release of the WWW processes created at the CERN institute.

20141220_161006653_iOS20140828_152100000_iOSIt was all of this that feed my desire for more and greater speed for my connection. Of course, once you connected back then, what could you do? CompuServ and AOL were the big Internet hot spots back then. I ran an education forum on both platforms.

Seeing the world around me changing I kept up. Watching things evolve into more and more connectivity and connection. Once the connections were stable and faster, the growth of some industries occurred. The explosion of interaction that was to be Social Media started. People were able to connect and reconnect with people they knew once, or knew now! The evolution of connectivity meant that people were engaging, discussing and sharing ideas around the world.

Two things have happened, the first is the creation of a share-way-too-much culture and the reality of automation. Yesterday I read an interesting post that in fact technology will replace jobs. It has replaced jobs and will continue to do so. As people looking ahead, it is our duty to say to those who are running nations that it is time to stop fighting for jobs that used to be and to start training people for the jobs of tomorrow.

20141123_000842440_iOS20150727_230045619_iOSDon’t hold onto the jobs of yesterday for they will eventually go away, anyway. What is more important? Having a company bring jobs to people for the next five years, or to rework our economy so that people have jobs for the next 200 years or longer. To retool our educational system so that people can get, find and keep jobs. That skills are developed that help people find happiness in what they are doing.

I am not espousing the view taken in the novel “Brave New World.” I don’t want people limited by they are or how they were born. I want everyone to have an equal chance throughout the world, to be where they want to be, and to have an opportunity to do what they would like to do.

Images today from my cellular phone photo collection