Overheating cell phones, laptops and a question…

20141117_005537278_iOSYesterday I was watching some training videos with my Glyph. My work PC has HDMI out, so I plugged in my Glyph headset and relaxed. The experience was doubly pleasant (for the 4 hours of training I had to catch up on), and it got me wondering.

First off, why don’t more and more companies include a Glyph with their computers? It is a really good experience overall and frankly makes the training far easier to view and enjoy! I guess once again I am over the edge of the cutting edge, into the part of the process that is the bleeding edge of technology.

Still, if you are looking for a portable personal theater, hit their website. I promise you the money spent is well worth it. The product is well designed, looks incredibly cool and hits the mark when it comes to functionality.

I would have loved to have had the Glyph system when I was traveling to Asia and Europe all the time. Imagine relaxing for 7 hours on a plane, with a theater experience surrounding you, and you watching the movies you wanted to watch, not the ones the airlines are currently allowed to show. It would have made the trips even faster!

20141116_021651597_iOS20141116_021649306_iOSOne of the things I used to do when traveling was packed a lot of batteries. That way I could use my devices and swap the batteries out. Later, as the post 9/11 travel world evolved having a lot of batteries usually meant I got pulled out of the standard security lines for specialized (as it should have been) searching. Recently I have watched the explosion and flaming cell phones and the images of a laptop that exploded into flames. I wonder, if all hose Li-Ion batteries were a good idea all those years ago, anyway!

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years with Li-Ion batteries. In that time I have come to realize a few things. The life of a battery is a tough one. They are subjected to all sorts of abuse and yet, for the most part, are extremely reliable. The recent phone issue for one manufacturer was a one-time thing. They were trying to squeeze a new larger battery into their phones to increase the life of phones. That balancing act is really important for cellular phones. I know, carrying mine with me in Europe, that having the extended life battery was critical.

I also know that you can, if you are careful, never have a problem with a battery as long as there isn’t a systemic problem (like the exploding phones).

20150910_193833826_iOSA. Avoid leaving your phone plugged in for extended time periods if possible

B. Many small charges during the day are better than fewer longer charges

C. If the phone feels hot, unplug it. Oh yeah, and IF IT FEELS HOT, MAKE SURE IT IS WITH YOU!

That last one is the one that makes me the most nervous. I don’t ever leave anything that is battery operated and suddenly hot alone. You are just asking for trouble.

It is the fatal flaw of sleek, thin phones. You see back in the day; you could take the battery out. You can’t remove the battery now without violating the warranty and most likely not being able to put the phone back together again. So we have to live with the reality of hot phones.

Now if only my phone would automatically shut down when it overheats.

Images today courtesy of my cell phone


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