Oh say can you see. What is there in front of you, put down your tablet and actually look!

20170207_105333807_iOSSomeone asked for pictures of the Camorama device for comparison with some of the other 360-degree action cameras currently on the market. There is a growing number, personally again the one I backed was Camorama. Such a deal, they include an underwater case with the action camera!

The reality of action cameras versus cellular cameras is one of growing interest for me. In part, because I stand by my assertion that the cellular camera is useful, practical but only the answer to the question I need to take that picture right now. If you are planning ahead or considering a trip, while interesting your cellular device does not give you the best picture options.

I would love to be in charge of the world; I would make it illegal to walk around the streets of a city using your tablet as a camera. Seriously, the other day I was visiting a customer near the national mall. As I walked from where I parked to the office building, I nearly got run over by a group of tourists all hiding behind their tablets. Really? How can you experience a place with your tablet plastered to your face as an extension of you? I mean I dig if you are connecting to someone that couldn’t be there, and you are live streaming or Facebook live with them. I can understand that. Perhaps a sick child that could not travel. Cool then, otherwise, put your tablet away and get a digital camera. When you are out of tablet or phone battery and still can take pictures, you will thank me.

The reason that “action camera” remains a market is that they will take more abuse than your cellular phone will. The pounding that comes from being attached to the helmet of a biker, or the arm of a base jumper. Or, lowered into salt water or fresh water to see what you can see. All of these are reasons why “action camera” is a market segment.

20170207_105355271_iOSYou can now back an attachment for your cellular phone that will do 360-degree video as well. The reality of cellular cameras is they are awkward (no viewfinder), and you are holding it away from you (shaky – well at least mine is). I cannot wait until this summer as all these add-ons for cellular cameras ship, and you have people wandering around DC hiding behind the smartphone or tablet. First off, from a personal security perspective, you are putting yourself at risk.

1. Holding your cellular phone away from your body makes it easier for someone to knock into you and steal your cellular phone. Plus, as the thief runs away they have access to your phone unlocked thereby getting access to all your accounts and saved personal data.

2. You are at risk around traffic. I will honestly tell you that people who drive in DC are aggressive. That means they aren’t going always to be watching you.

Plus frankly, the pictures are never quite as good if you only use the cellular phone. Finally, you also lose the best part of moving pictures over, finding the magical picture you took with your digital camera that you didn’t realize you took. Like the picture of the person walking around DC with a cellular phone, add on lens and pointing it at all the cool things taking pictures. If you experience life through a screen only are you there?

Of course, there will be hundreds of people on the national mall, with cell phones and tablet’s plastered in front of their faces. Maybe the new thing in DC can be, bring a memory card and we will preload all the pictures you need of all the monuments, then you just need to take the occasional pictures of your party members waiting in line for the attractions.

Oh, the joy of tablets. They make the world a better place. The wonder that is the cellular device changes how we are connected. But, when the connection device is the one thing that prevents you from interacting with actual things, it is a concern.


Oh say can you see past your cellular phone to Fort McKinley? It is there if you put down your tablet!