New tech post and techno wandering…

IMGP0187I keep wandering around IT shops and in every one of them, I keep seeing the same fatal flaw. I realized the other day I probably need to embark on a new book dealing with the flaw. Not sure I want to throw out the reality and the answer here on my blog.

Yesterday I was looking at a couple of interesting projects. One was on Kickstarter called the Love turntable. It is interesting because it is the first time I have ever seen new tech really change the LP experience. I still love the sound of LP’s and this lets you have them, without investing in speakers and other things. This will link with any Bluetooth speaker!

The other project that I find interesting is a UV camera. From Guru go it is an ultraviolet camera that lets you see what UV is really doing (to your face or to the world around you!). There are many things you can do to decrease your risk of UV, this camera can actually show you the impact.

We got our Eight (formerly Luna) sleep system the other day. I missed a survey (as a crowdfunding SuperBacker I know better than that) so we were delayed a month. But we put it on the bed three nights ago.

1. The system is amazing. You can heat half the bed and leave half the bed cold.

2. Or you can heat both sides of the bed

IMGP0188Overall the software is a bit rough but to be expected on a first run through. I cannot wait to see overall how they continue to improve it. It was a crowdfunding campaign, but overall I am very impressed both with the quality of the mattress cover, but also with the overall appearance of it!

I had promised more upcoming and hot tech reviews this year, kind of my new year’s resolution. I am also posting my traditional Super Bowl pick today. I am picking the Patriots to the game in a very close super bowl, I figure the winning score is 34 to 31. As is a tradition in our house, we will most likely watch the commercials and probably only ½ the game.

Finally, I am going to end with the increasingly brazen Windows Central Computer team, or windows technical support team calls. I want o to share one word about these calls.


If someone calls you (they had a similar call on ABC world news the other night) and says your computer has a problem and asks to take control of your computer. Just say NO! No one, other than a family member of someone you know and trust should ever be given access to your computer. You are just asking for trouble.

So just say no!

IMGP0189I find it embarrassing as a professional IT person that these calls still exist. It makes me sad. So for the last time, if someone calls from a windows tech support, central windows computer, Microsoft partner and tells you that your computer is sending in errors, ask them directly what errors? Which ones, in specific and ask detailed questions like the ones below.

1. What errors are you receiving?

2. Can you email me a copy of the errors, please?

3. My computer isn’t connected to the Internet, how are you getting that information?

4. I have a Macintosh. The last two will end the call by the way. Every single freaking time.

There is no central windows support team. Microsoft would never share your information with a partner so that they could call you, never. It is truly a Scam.


Images today courtesy of Dr. Hans O Andersen


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