the glory of watching old movies, and then trying to apply that to life…

15_12The last device I used.

I watched a western (John Wayne) the other day (Rio Grande). I know it isn’t his best, or the best western I could have watched but I love the old westerns so, it was on and I watched it. The funny thing for me isn’t that in Technicolor it was letterboxed on my TV.

Now, would I like to go back to the old West of those days? No. I like riding in my car. I like having the music I want, without having to go to the local saloon and tipping the piano person. The reality of tipping the piano person was the reality of did they know they song you wanted, anyway.

But that got me thinking, about the seat of my car. There was a time, not that long ago when I was in a Smart Car. While the smart car got great gas mileage, it was at best uncomfortable. The seat wasn’t very good, while it was heated, it was at best a mediocre seat. The AC system of the car, due to the tiny engine really struggled in the DC summer. Plus, because it was a small car everyone on the road cut me off. Literally, everyone cut me off, assuming I could stop my tiny car on a dime. I couldn’t, but they didn’t care.

09_05AThen I was off, well at least I was off mentally. Given that a horse could carry the human being and some amount of gear (figure John Wayne at 6-4 was probably at least 200 pounds) how much gear could the horse carry assuming you wanted to ride most of the day? The more you carry the slower the horse has to go.

It is a game I’ve played before even here on this blog. IF you were going to Mars what would you pack? Or if you were going to say Malaysia for three weeks what would you pack? Or London frankly, or Hawaii. Away from home, we do as George Carlin famously said all those years ago, take less stuff.

Can you imagine two horses after the long days ride relaxing in the barn? One says to the other how was your day, the one asked pauses and then says “he had 18 cans of beans in his saddle bags that kept slapping me all day. Plus he ate two cans the night before, so every time we stopped I had to hold my breath!”

All of this back to a line I’ve heard before the last thing you ever use. In the case of a western, it is normally the last thing the person does, normally drawing against a professional gunslinger. It got me thinking, though, what would the last device you use be? Would be a phone, calling for help or calling to say goodbye?

That got me thinking, then the last device I used today. Well, that one is easy right, I mean I am typing this so it is a keyboard, right? Except the keyboard is an extension of the computer, right? So let’s go with the computer. Except this blog is connected to the internet, so I need to get from my house in Maryland to the great beyond, the Internet. That means The last device I used was my router. Then, of course, there is the hosting site for the blog, so there are servers, applications and you get the message. I couldn’t pick one last device. Not for this blog.

08_04ANot for the email I sent before the blog either. So I stopped and thought about if I were a cowboy what would I name my horse. That led me to think about the friend I have that named his printers. Not as strange as the friend I have that names his cars. Or my daughter who names all her technology with a name that starts with Z, like Zelda. Although her Kindle is named Doris.

All of that from the thought what is the last device I would use. Then what is the last device I did use and now I am thinking what is the device I want to use next. Perhaps I will run around my office on Saturday and name everything. Except my iPhone, Siri likes to be called Siri. J

today’s images from the collection of Barb Andersen (making a cake with dad_)!


the last device I held today was my iPhone…