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DSC00176I had a great conversation on Friday with a very smart person. It got me thinking first off about meeting smart people, and secondly why it is fun to talk to them. As we move along the path that either is or isn’t our goal, we have the opportunity to meet smart people. I think that makes that day a little better, a little more interesting.

A year ago we were buried in snow (2016). We ended up overworking our poor snow blower, so we upgraded to a new beast. I now understand the logic of winter. Upgrade your snow blower to one that can go to 34” of snow, and mother nature won’t put more than a ½ inch on your driven. Not even enough to power up the big boy. Maybe more is coming later this season.

The other thing we were doing a year ago was wandering around boats. It is funny how much fun you can have wandering around boats. In part because it is interesting to see how people present themselves on boats. It is also fun just to wander around and see the art of the possible.

My rationale for talking about a year ago, is that I started reviewing both the Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects I was backing then, but also what I thought would be hitting the ground soon. A year ago I was still touting my Screen as a Service concept. Hololens was coming (and frankly it exceeded my expectations) as was Oculus Rift (also exceeding my expectations.) Two “home” robotic projects were also interesting. While those two, Keecker and Jibo haven’t shipped yet, they will ship soon. Maybe even this first quarter 2017!

02_02The good news for me is that they are coming. The really good news is the rise and increase in cool robotics projects that are out and about. I find it interesting not only that the art of the possible continues to expand but that what we can do with automation continues to expand as well. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the interesting product Microsoft Flow. I have seen a number of other things over the years, including both Chef and Puppet. Where they offer (chef and puppet) tremendous power they just aren’t as easy to use as the flow is.

Of course, there are more things of interest coming this year! There are a number of interesting projects in the 3d and 360-degree camera world releasing this year. There are ROV’s coming that will let you dive beneath the surface of the water and see what is below you. There are interesting devices that help you swim faster, but actually pulling you through the water (Bixpy). All of these things will be in my hands soon and I can’t wait.

The first thing I am going to do this spring as things arrive is done more reviews. I have a stack of reviews that I haven’t gotten to, and I need to do so. In part because there are a number of technology projects that promise interesting options for people. Gotenna and Beartooth Radio both offer interesting new ways to stay connected. One of the things I suspect will happen is the appearance of GoTenna and Bear Radio clubs you can join. Over time that will expands your network. Both of the devices allow your cell phone to connect (via the device) to other devices directly and communicate. So in places where cellular signal is weak, you can still connect and talk to other people with the Gotenna or the Beartooth systems.

04_04I did say goodbye to some technology (and technology companies) in 2016. The first one was hard at first, but I realized it was no longer either a company I could deal with nor was it technology I did or would use again. The first was both technology and a company. I have been a loyal Delorme customer for more than 10 years. From there wonderful handheld GPS systems to the mapping software that I have used for a long time, I’ve had both. I will no longer ever deal with the company again. So I got rid of everything of theirs I used to own. I also retired my last HP printer. I am all canon in the house now and will continue to use and leverage canon printers.

Images today courtesy of Barbara Andersen.


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