Technology and sitting in traffic

IMGP0061Yesterday afternoon, as is often the case I was enjoying my parking lot experience. I can’t call it driving because we don’t move far enough to actually be driving. It is more of a joint or gathered parking lot experience.

That said, while I was sitting in my car, I had a couple of ideas. First off, the IRS should allow for commutes that extend beyond normal. While they allow today, a mileage dedication, they don’t allow for the gas and cost of running the car far longer than expected. A change that allows you to say my commute should take 43 minutes and instead took nearly 2 hours. Ergo I burned an extra three gallons of gas.

The second reality for me was the relaxation of not having to worry about getting run off the road since I no longer drive a Smart Car. I realized, as I was switching lanes yesterday that I am more comfortable driving now than I was in the past.

All of that said I am still at a point in my life when I am wondering. More about the aggressiveness of other drivers than I did in the past. I know, there isn’t anything personal in aggressive driving but sometimes I feel like it when I get cut off. I understand where road rage comes from. I don’t get mad and scream at the driver that cut me off, but I do frown and feel a little frustrated.

IMGP0068Now if I could only find my keys.

Last night I enjoyed a relaxing Grub Hub delivered meal. I really like Grub Hub. After fighting traffic for more than an hour, and then taking the dogs on a walk, other than starting a fire (the temperature dropped yesterday rapidly). I was exhausted. Some weeks just drain you. This was one of those weeks. Good stuff all week but lots of things going on.

Today’s images provided by Dr. Hans O. Andersen