The rumor mill that killed the information age…

bag012The distance between my desk, my chair, computer itself and monitor is an interesting distance. A few years ago, I had the CPU of the computer closer to me than it is now. I used to have to insert DVD’s all the time. Then I got a device called a PowerFile that let me store and share more than 300 DVD’s as a set of network shares. But then I didn’t need DVD’s anymore (and PowerFile went out of business L).

Now, I can’t remember the last time I installed anything from DVD. I think it was an old version of TurboTax that I had to reinstall because I couldn’t open the old file in the new version of the software. Other than that, I haven’t used DVD’s or Blu-Ray discs for anything other than movies in a long time. The age of find it, get it and install it are here. The internet is finally ready for use.

Well that is except for all the disinformation. I cannot imagine and I cannot read news on the Internet anymore. I know most of it is false. I know most of it is at best ½ truths or worse ½ fabrication half-truth, Analysts keep calling this the information age. Frankly we will never be in the information age when you can still find ½ trusts that are presented as facts.

bag033This morning I posted a joke a twitter and Facebook to gauge reaction. I said I had written an application for my smart watch that would filter out or remove disinformation from social media. Now my watch screen is blank. The reality of disinformation is the impact. You can, if you so choose, copy and paste the same comments over and over. This is disinformation. This is wrong. This is incorrect. This isn’t right. But the problem isn’t the reality of information.

The problem is the maturity of the information we have.

Someday historians will look back at this period of world history and once they are done laughing because we called ourselves the first pioneers of the information age, they will look at all the disinformation sources we see every day and they will wonder how anyone got anything done.

You can’t stop the flood.

I moved the CPU of my computer further away from me, because I don’t need the Blu-Ray drive as often now. I wonder if I can push social media disinformation far enough away that it won’t impact me anymore? At some point, you cannot post on every single thread that offers inane views of the world. You can’t correct everyone. You can’t keep making butter out of skim milk. Why? It takes nearly an infinite amount of time to make butter from milk that specifically was made to have ITS FAT Removed. Butter is after all the fat produced in milk.

What I am trying to say is the reality of the world is we have instant news. We have information everywhere and there is not drop to drink. The concept I put forth in my book The Syncverse is one of information brokers and information merchants. Those exist today, verified, valid information sources. They don’t post on social media with information often however. In fact, those valid sources tend to be focused on their medium of distribution.

The hoax of information is the reality of social media.

bag043My personal feelings aside, we have to do something about the disinformation. We cannot expect the world to filter information all the time. For the primary reason that some people don’t filter information. We need to move towards the shining light that is the information age. It lies there in the future, in a time when you can sit at a screen and get information that is verified, From a known good source. That way when you are angry about a horrible event, the event was real. The information you got about the event was validated.

Please stop posting disinformation. Don’t share it. Just comment on it, this isn’t the only side to an issue. This isn’t the only fact in evidence.

Now the rumors about me replacing Brad Pitt on his current project might be true. We do have similar talents J.

(images today courtesy of Henry O. Andersen circa 1965).


The rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated (Mark Twain)…