Connecting, upgrades and 3d printing…

IMGP0024A couple of years ago, I got a Samsung Note Pro. For the most part I got one so that I could quickly take notes in meetings. I’ve moved on from that purpose. But I kept the device because it was and is the only Android device I own. My kids all have android phones but my only device is the tablet. Now, I have noticed lately a trend that I find interesting.

First off, I have an android device because there are things that ship android first (such as the very interesting Walkabout). It is also important to see, use and understand various technologies based on the field I am in.

It does give me a chance to update via the Google model, the Microsoft model and the Apple model. The interesting reality is that both Google and Microsoft have moved closer to the Apple model for updates and upgrades than they used to. I find that interesting because there was a time in the past when you wiped a phone completely to update the OS. Now you do everything in place. That was a change Apple never really gets credit for. They made upgrades easier. I have upgraded my iPhone at least 8 times, I have upgraded my Macintosh at least 8 times. In all those upgrades, I have only lost my Macintosh once (restored from my backup) and my iPhone once (also restored from backup). I lost 12 hours of using my Macintosh and 12 hours of using my iPhone. Upgrades used to be a lot more painful than that. All I had to do was restore, and then simple reconnect to my email box and whammo the 12 hours of information was restored. I did have to start over in one game, but that was because I had to reinstall and start over, my fault not the upgrade.

IMGP0031Walabot by the way is an interesting product. First off because it lets you see through walls. I am always looking for the studs in our walls. Now, it is easy using Walabot. Between Walabot (see into the walls) and the always fun Seek thermal camera (I have the handheld and the iPhone attached models.) I can see where there are studs in the walls, and leaks in the walls from outside. Since we replaced the windows last summer, our leaks are way down. So are our energy bills!

The concept of instrumentation is one that intrigues me. Walabot, Seek and other devices turn your phone or tablet into a sensor system. What you are sensing is up to you. You can get devices like the always fun to play with Deeper, that lets you see via Sonar what is under the water. You can add devices that measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) or act as a breathalyzer. All of these plugs into your iPhone or Android (or your iPad, or in my case Android Tablet) and let you do more. From replacing hand held weather systems (Kestler makes the best I’ve used – but having it all on my iPhone is so much easier). To allowing you to connect additional storage (I have my entire CD library burned to MP3 files that I have on a thumb drive for my car and my iPhone).

From seeing what is behind the wall board, to measuring a room with a laser all of it now available and connected to your phone. That means you can quickly store the information you collect and as needed recall that information. Really useful when considering items to fit into a cabinet or into a storage area. The smaller the storage area the more important exact measurements are!

IMGP0025Now if I could only find my keys.

We switched from PLA to ABS on the 3d printer. Two things I learned. First you have to change the temperature of the platform. Second the new material, is actually better. In part because I was printing in Neon Green. In part because I am getting better.

Flashforge also has awesome technical support. I forgot to reset my device’s platform heating element when switching materials. My first print was of plastic spaghetti. Once I cleaned that up tech support was all over the problem and I was back and printing in no time at all!

Images for today copyright Dr. Hans O Andersen (of their trip to the U.K.).