Welcome to 2017’s first blog post on my tech blog…

alexaI was supposed to start off my first 2017 technology blog mentioning that I moved the Amazon Echo from the kitchen to my wife’s office. Not sure why that would count as a lead in line for a blog focused on technology but I did as I was told.

It is not a digital transformation to move a speaker from one power outlet to another. It does make me wonder about what my wife things my job is about however.

Things I am going to do in 2017 as far as this blog. Well I will, at the request of many readers continue my Kickstarter and IndieGoGo projects that I think are cool. During the winter months, the projects tend to slow down a little or perhaps my interest in the projects that are posted around the holidays is reduced who knows. Well I guess I know, it is the former not the latter. Another thing is look ahead as far as the technology trends I follow. I don’t follow trends in the financial markets so Bit Lock and Bitcoin are things I am not going to post about. Other than me saying I am not going to post about them. I am going to talk about the rise of brokers within cloud service providers. We’ve moved the term cloud broker to the concept of Hybrid cloud, and merged what we were calling hybrid cloud into what we now call Hybrid cloud. Mix, match and mass all the stuff together. I am going to talk about Smart Cities and I am going to talk about home automation and process automation systems that make the world a better place.

5I have posted more than 500 blogs in a row on this site. I will probably miss one day in 2017. I may miss more than one day. I am closing in on 6000 overall posts across all the blogs I post on. WordPress (both this blog and my other blog focused on the family history project) plus my CloudTweaks posts and my IASA blog posts and my weekly LinkedIn posts and my monthly podcasts. I don’t post on SafeGov anymore. There are just so many hours in the day and I can’t keep posting on multiple sites I don’t have the time. I really am trying to not post political rants on my blogs anymore. I know that in the past I have done a few, and it offended people. So, I am no longer using my pulpit to preach on politics. Instead I will stay in the realm of technology. I will continue to post time-lapse weather videos and 360 videos on my YouTube channel. There are a lot of family history videos there as well. The time-lapse weather posts have been on hold, due to a battery issue with Bloomsky. Oh yeah, and a technical support issue with their team. Actually, quite annoying.

Now that said, I will post the occasional sports blog. I have always rooted for the same teams. My wall is distorted in my home office with the teams that are in my heart always. Then add to that specific players in sports that I love. I root for Peyton Manning. Well I did. Last year he retired after winning the Super Bowl. It has been a really hard NFL year for me, I don’t have someone I respect like that playing so it is hard to root for another team beyond Da Bears. But last year, and the last three I rooted for the Broncos. The other athlete that I admire and root for is LeBron James. I have thought since they day he joined the NBA that he had a gift. That gift has come to roost and he won a championship for Cleveland. It was a great year for the hero’s I root for. Lastly and perhaps most importantly my beloved Cubs won the world series. I cannot say how much that still means to me. I am going to post the occasion sports piece on my personal technology blog.

20150806_065536284_iOSOh yeah, there will be boating tech posts. That I guarantee. It is my new technology interest/passion and one that I haven’t really explored to any great depth.

Faintly I may go back to my customer service posts. I do Yelp a number of business and restaurant reviews. I made Elite Status on Yelp in 2016 which was pretty cool! You can find my Yelp profile and reviews at this link.

After years of struggling I am of the realization that I write for me. I get the things rattling around inside my head out into the world, so that someone else can have the same problem! But my focus remains technology and the impact of technology on the world around us!