Cool tech trends 2017

Yesterday I talked about my 2016 cool tech predictions. Today I am releasing on LinkedIn my cool tech trends for 2017 post. It has become an annual tradition and I am really pleased with the overall list this year. Lots of things that are game changers coming in the next year or so.

There are a few things shipping this year that I believe will be trend setters but it will depend upon when they arrive as to their impact. IBM announced this last week before New Year’s that they are working on a robot that is designed to support senior citizens. Jibo has already started down that path so when it ships will be critical as to how successful it will/can be. Hard to compete with IBM, except JIBO was built by a bunch of MIT folks, so they may produce a better device than IBM in the end.

Keecker is another system, a home pod that has the potential to be a game changer. I know for myself I am looking forward to being able to leverage the external projection and speakers Keecker will offer me as far as projecting web meetings and other events anywhere I am. At night, outside the house on the side of the hosue, inside the hosue in my living room or just another anywhere. The technology is interesting and they have spent a lot of time getting it right!

The reality of assisted driving continues to expand. While I do not think, it will impact 2017 the way it will in 2020 or beyond, it will begin to appear in more and more cars. There is a value in having the car driving with you, assisting you. No one can see everything. I do wonder when the courts will mandate assisted driving for some aggressive drivers. We can add a don’t allow rapid acceleration option to their cars. Don’t allow them to physically cut off other cars. This would increase their stress, but would decrease the stress for those driving around them. Sadly, they also tend to be the people that act on their road rage so many not the best possible outcome.

In the world of Drones and other ROV’s (Remotely operated vehicles) there are many products shipping this year that are interesting. First off, my concept (published on CloudTweaks) about the concept of a modular drone is expanding. While it didn’t reach its funding goal, there was a very cool drone project that included a drone, water proof camera, sonar all interchangeable. Additionally there was the option to carry a lure and fishing line with the drone, no more casting just send the drone and drop your hook exactly where the fish are (sonar being a fish finding system).

Secondly the world of underwater ROV systems are coming. The underwater ROV world is a hobbyist play today, but the OPENROV release of their new product as well as other vendors releasing new products in the space will move the market. Once it is easy to operate a drone underwater who wouldn’t want to know what their fish were just doing before they catch them for dinner! The image above is of the OpenROV Trident project. A solution that was both very cool, and a huge crowdfunding success!!!!

Drones as well beyond ROV’s that operate in and below the water’s surface continue to expand. There are drones that have built in sonar, built in metal detectors and another functionality. I suspect drones with integrated 3d laser mapping will arrive this year. They will provide an incredibly valuable service for cities and other organizations that manage roads.

Tomorrow is a great place to start. It always offers options and guesses. My guess in my LinkedIn post are based on years of experience and lots of evaluating technology. I spend a lot of time considering the what and how of technology. In part because it is part of my job, but for the most part because it is my passion and has been for many years now.

I hope you enjoy my cool tech 2017 posts!