Reviewing my tech predictions for 2016…

I will, in a couple of days post my annual top thing to watch from a personal technology perspective in 2017. I have done that every year for many years now. I think, as has been my tradition the past three years that I will post it on LinkedIn.

Over the course of the 12 month’s that were (2016) there were many interesting changes in the world. Not all of them were good. The one that stands out for me is the Cubs. As a lifelong Cubs fan, that victory really made me feel better. The other thing that 2016 brought was an end to the championship drought in Cleveland. I enjoyed watching LeBron James bring home the NBA title.

But this is a technology focused blog so let’s talk about at a high level some of the things that came about this year. One cool tech innovation was the Bloomsky weather station. While remote and connected weather stations have been around for years, the Micro weather concept of time-lapse weather video that Bloomsky adds is incredible. With the second module of the system shipping early this spring (wind and rain amount) it will be a great addition to any home.

From the compute power world in 2016 there were a couple of other interesting developments. Sirius-B shipped, a pocket-sized computer. All you need is a screen and you can compute anywhere. Other items that were incredibly interesting shipping this year are listed below:

· Shake – a Raspberry PI based Seismograph was an interesting project on Kickstarter, it shipped in November and is really quite interesting.

· VUFINE squeezed its real-life picture in a picture wearable monitor in at the end of the year (December 2016) but it is an intriguing technology.

holome Saturday edition· Hololens made it out the door to developers. The next release of Windows 10 will include more support for Hololens and really looks promising!

· The iWatch series 2 shipped – a huge improvement on the iWatch capabilities.

Pebble disappeared as an independent company this year. That was sad. There were also a number of other companies in the technology world that rose and fell. More and a wider variety of modular drones appeared (that was my prediction for 2016 tech). It wasn’t a bold prediction but since it was the one I nailed, I am claiming victory!

The arrival of Oculus Rift has been incredibly interesting. First off because it is quite simply a blast to use. My overall impression of VR was good before the Rift, now it is with the addition of the capabilities of Windows 10 and the Hololens sky high! There is much that can and will be done in the world of VR. We got the Sony PlayStation VR kit as well, we have only played with it a little, but Sony did a good job with that.

The link to my post for last year is here. My number one items, Keecker and Jibo are still in process of shipping and probably this spring will arrive. I was off by a year. It was however as predicted a very existing year in Technology. Many things changed and of course, continue to change.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have developed significant followings now. There are still delivery issues with most projects in terms of time promised and time delivered. More and more projects are delivering really close the original time. There are projects that continue to struggle along. Those are the ones that you root for, knowing how hard it is to keep going long after the funding is gone. There are projects that just went dark, those are sad but part of the risk of crowd funding.

The reality of time is that it passes. The reality of change is that once change starts it doesn’t always finish. The world is a funny place.

Watch for my cool tech trends of 2017 post – coming soon!